Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tell Me Why

It seems like everything is looking up, Sonali and I are going to start designing our own clothes for school, I have homeroom with Callie, Prudence and Charity are in my Science class, and I have Art with Matt.

All I need to ask is why.
Why me? Why now? Why is everything so perfect all at once. I know it's kind of impossible for everything to be perfect at once - but it is. Which means that nothing is really impossible. I have defied the odds and here I am, happy as a clam.

Julie and Julia are a perfect example of how nothing is impossible. Two twins who look exactly alike, but they are so different. So different, yet so alike at the same time. I really wish I had a twin, but I guess that makes me unique.

I guess....

I'm sorry for my pointless rambling - it's just I'm really happy and I wanted to share some of my happiness with some of you lovely people.

Love, Chrissa

Sunday, August 21, 2011

C is for Chrissa

I had two choices.
The first was to sit here in my room and play Angry Birds on my iPod like I had been all Summer.
The second was to face up to the facts and go to Matt's house and apologize.

And since I have a conscience, I chose going to the Riden residence.

I walked slowly up their driveway. With every step I took, another caterpillar underwent metamorphosis and turned into a butterfly in my stomach.

When I got to their door, I stared at the light brown wooden door, then - without realizing it - I knocked.

"Oh no.." I whispered, grabbing my hand.

Before I could run away, a smiling woman was hugging me and exclaiming “CHRISSA MAXWELL? OH, IT’S BEEN SO LONG!”

I was hugging her back and smiling too – Mrs. Riden has one of those contagious smiles.

“It has been, Mrs. Riden.” I giggled.

”Are you here to see Matt?” She asked, raising and eyebrow.

I nodded.

“Oh, well his room is the second door on the left.” She tilted her head in the direction of a hallway and I was on my way.

My feet took me to a door with some blue tack on it. I toyed with it nervously, then the door opened suddenly.

“Chrissa? Oh gosh, your eye…” He trailed off, noticing my black eye. I really hope his mother hadn’t noticed it too.

“Can we talk?” I asked, ignoring his statement.

“Like old times?” He asked.

“Like old times.” I confirmed.

He went and sat on his bed and patted the spot next to him, which I took.

“What happened with us?” I asked.

“Well, on New Year’s Eve, I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to tell you how I feel, you were going to feel the same way, then we were going to run out in the snow and kiss like they do in those sappy romantic movies that my mom watches. I told you, and you felt the same way. I was so excited. Then, we didn’t talk about it for weeks. You tried to bring it up, but I didn’t want to talk about it. I was scared. I told you because I had – what I will now call – ‘New Year’s Courage.’ Then, when you did ask, I blew up. I was so confused, and I had a feeling in my heart that you would never feel the same way.” He trailed off. I nodded, which told him that I was listening and then I gave him the okay to go on.

“Then, on Valentine’s Day, I was excited because I took it as another chance at happiness with you. I didn’t tell you in person, but that didn’t make it any less true. Then, I made the same mistake of not talking it out with you until it probably was a bad time.” He sighed.

“What about Beth?” I asked, remembering his one time fling with Beth Landers.

“We were Science partners. We were hanging out, and then I went to talk to you and she followed me, and you looked so happy without me. So I told you that she was my girlfriend, when she really wasn’t. I got a C on the project we were partners on, but I don’t mind. A C is actually really good. A C is the third letter in the alphabet, and I would really like a third chance at your heart. Also, C stands for Chrissa.” He smiled a little at the end. I smiled too.

“You’re not going to make a joke of this?” I asked. Almost immediately, he shook his head.

”I’m not dreaming?” I asked.

“If you were dreaming would you feel this?” He asked, then kissed me softly.

I pulled back and blushed.

”So, I guess Mattrissa’s on then?”

“What in the name is that?” He chuckled.

“Our couple name.” I giggled.

“Yeah, Mattrissa’s on.” He kissed my cheek and we laughed.


Friday, August 19, 2011

You Were Never There At All

Click, clack, click, clack.

I could hear Becca pacing in her room which was, to my misfortune, right above mine. I grabbed a broom and hit the ceiling a few times; this happened every day.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT CHRISSA?" I could hear her yell.
"SOME PEACE AND QUIET, THANK YOU VERY MUCH." I yelled back. I was so annoyed I couldn't see straight.

The clicking and clacking stopped for about 5 minutes, then started again. I fell back on my bed. Rebecca Rubin was impossible to live with.

I heard a soft knock on my door and got up to go answer it, but right as I was reaching my hand to the knob the door came and hit me in the face.

"OW!" I called out before I could help it and my hand flew to my eye.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry." An all too familiar voice with an English accent apologized.

My eyes widened, and I looked up to see Matthew Riden, in the flesh, looking down at me with sad eyes.

"Matt?" I was awestruck. After a good 4 months of no talking, he just waltzes back into my life? God is surely mocking me. I know it.

"Hello Maxie - I mean - Chrissa." He greeted. I couldn't decide on whether to hit him, kick him, hug him, or kiss him. I should have done all four, but I just waved awkwardly with my free hand.

"I'm really sorry about your eye." He apologized once more.

"Don't worry about it, it's not the biggest issue on the table right now.." I trailed off.

"Then what is?" He raised an eyebrow.

"The fact that you think you can leave my life right after you tell me that you love me, then come back right when I realize that you never did." I wanted to raise my voice, I wanted to scream, I wanted to kick and punch and slap; but all I did was stand there and tremble.

"Chrissa, I can explain.." He started, but I cut him off.

"Explain what? How you lead me on? How you broke my heart? How you acted like I was your best friend when I'm pretty sure I meant NOTHING to you? You've basically done all of the explaining that had to be done these past 4 months." I sent him a cold look then pushed him out into the hallway.

"Chrissa, please." He pleaded.

"Goodbye, Matt. Thanks for never really being there at all." I slammed the door in his face, then sat on my bed and cried silently.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Remember Me?

Chrissa? Chrissa Maxwell? The girl with forty-thousand sisters? The girl with blue eyes and brown hair? The girl whose blog you might have read? The girl whose blog stopped suddenly?

Well, that's me. I know it's been a while - well - more like four months, sorry! I'm back though, back and better than ever? Well, I hope. So, yes. This blog is back in action. Even though my sisters' blogs (Remember Pru and Julia?) their blogs are dead, but hey, maybe they'll want to pick up a laptop and start writing again like me!

It's crazy how far this blog has come, with 60 posts and 47 followers. It's also crazy to look back and realize just how much I have changed. I used to be a girl who would let people walk all over her, but now, I am getting a little better at voicing my opinion. I used to only have 3 sisters, but now I have 12! It's insane. Borderline insanity.

Oh, and, Mel wants me to say that her name really isn't Melanie - that was a cyber name - her real name is Halle (and she'll be referred to on this blog as Halle too.)

So, I guess I should help you all get caught up, huh?

Well, let's see, where were we when I left...

Sonny, Kenna, and Mikayla.

Well, being re-united with my best friend was bittersweet. Yeah, that's an accurate word; Bittersweet.

It was sweet to see her, she has grown up so much (and so have I) and it was great to see her again. We went everywhere together. I told her all about Matt, (Hey, remember him?) and she told me about all about the factory.

It was bitter because I knew that she couldn't stay with me forever, but we write to each other every day.

Now, about Matt...

He's a mystery. A. Big. English. Mystery.

We're still best friends, but we never speak of the Valentine's Day incident, and whenever I try to bring it up, he always brings up something else. It's basically the most annoying thing in the world.

My sisters? They're great. Loud, but great.

How are Rebecca, Julie, and Liz doing?
Well, you'll have to check out Rebecca's blog for her whole story, but Elizabeth and Julie are just fine.

Well, now that all of that is done and you are all (hopefully) caught up, let's get this blog back on track and this blogger back to bloggin'!


Saturday, April 9, 2011


"So let me get this straight, you two are here with someone you can't tell me about because of what?" I asked, I was so confused.

Sonny and Kenna were sitting on the couch in the living room and I was sitting on a chair.

"We can't tell you, okay? Gosh, she was right when she said you asked a lot of questions." Sonny muttered and Kenna elbowed her in the stomach.

I raised an eyebrow.

"So it's a she, is it?" I asked coyly.
"I never said it was or wasn't." Sonny crossed her arms.
"Actually, um. Son, you did." Kenna whispered.
"She doesn't know that!" Sonny whispered back sharply.

"Now I do. Tell me who it is." I got up and walked to them.

"Well it's M-" Kenna began.
"MORE OF A SURPRISE IF WE DON'T TELL YOU!" Sonny smiled awkwardly.

"Mikayla." I started.

They both looked at each other and sighed while nodding.

"Just, act surprised when she comes here tomorrow, okay?" Sonny asked.
"And don't tell her we were here." Kenna added.

"Okay, I won't. Hey, where are you guys staying?" I asked, curiously.

"Oh, at the Sunshine Inn across town." Kenna said.
"Ah." I nodded.
"Well, the storm's coming, so we better go." Sonny said, grabbing her coat.

"You didn't see anything and you don't know anything about this." Sonny moved her hands around and walked out.

"Wow." I whispered to myself.

"RIGHT?" Sonny opened the door, causing me to jump.

"Yeah, Sonny okay." I nodded.
"See you tomorrow!" Sonny and Kenna waved and left.

So tomorrow is the day I am going to be reunited with Mikayla.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sonny Days

[ANOTHER LATE POST? LIKE REALLY LATE? Chrissa, you're loosin' it.]

"Sonny, what are w-" Someone whispered.
"HUSH." Sonny, whoever they were, whispered back.

I was standing alone by my locker and was confused.

"When are we going to find her?" The same person whispered.
"I don't know, we just have to look." Sonny whispered back.
"But So-"
"KENNA! JUST LET ME HANDLE THIS!" Sonny whispered back.
"Gosh." Kenna muttered.

I ran and hid inside a garbage can. They emerged from another hallway.

Sonny was wearing an orange sweater that fell off one of her shoulders annd black skinny jeans with orange flip flops. She had black hair and crystal clear blue eyes.

Kenna was wearing a pink strapless dress with a black jacket over it and was wearing black boots. She had caramel hair and teal eyes.

"It's them." I whispered almost inaudibly to myself. Prudence and Rita had friends named Sonny and Kenna.

Here they are.

Then, being me, I sneezed.

"WHO'S THERE?" Sonny whisper-yelled.
"M-Me." I muttered, trying to get out of the trash can.
I wobbled out of it and it fell over.

"Ow." I muttered to myself. I got up and smoothed my hair and light green tunic.

I looked at them, and they were looking at me with bewilderment.

"H-Hi, I'm Chrissa." I shakily greeted.

"Kenna?" Sonny asked.
"Yeah?" Kenna asked back.
"Found her." Sonny stated.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sgt. Chrissa

I picked the eraser off of my pencil during art class. Mikayla has been on my mind so much lately, I haven’t thought of anything for my art. Rita, who was next to me, poked me in the arm.

“Yeah?” I asked, turning to her.
“Didn’t you tell me you liked Brett?” She asked.
“Well, I did, but not anymore. Why?” I asked again.
“No reason.” She blinked.
“Rita.” I said, seriously. She blinks when she lies.
“Fine, maybe I like him a lot.” She began to twirl a strand of strawberry blonde hair while her cheeks became pink.
“Aw, Rita! Well, I hope things go better with you and him then they went with Matt and I.” I sighed.
“Speak of the devil…” Rita’s eyes traveled from me to the area above my head.

I turned around in my seat and looked up and saw the one and only Matthew Riden.
“Chrissa.” He said.
“Matthew.” I said, looking anywhere but him.
“We need to talk.” He said while I stared at the white board that Ms. Freemont uses to demonstrate on. It had a picture of a broken heart.

Oh, the irony.

“No we don’t. We talked, and you’re dating….” I trailed off, trying to remember the name of the girl.
“Beth Landers.” Matt finished.
”Beth Landers, which is….great, so we don’t have to talk about anything.” I gulped.

Beth, Beth, Beth Landers. She can fall in a well for all I care. I always knew she hated me, and would take anything – or one – I wanted.

“But, you know all of that about me, when I don’t know what’s been going on with you.” Matt said, trying to get into my area of view.

I averted my eyes from him and stared at a notebook.
“Maybe that’s how it should be.” I stated, flipping to a blank page and began writing the word ‘hate’ repeatedly.

“Fine.” He muttered, then walked away.

Later, at Chorus, I looked around. We had Me, Matt, Callie, Molly, Elizabeth, Jake, Ryan, Keith, Julie, Brett, Rita (who had joined after we all begged her) and Prudence.

Nathan and Charity both quit. Nathan because his new girlfriend said Chorus was lame and Charity’s school life just got too hectic.
Mrs. Hodge came in with that normal smile on her face.
“We have two new members joining today!” She smiled.

Excited chatter spread across our small little group.

“As you all know, to go to Regionals, we need 16 kids. We have 12 now. These two new kids will surely help us. Let’s give ‘em a hand!” Mrs. Hodge smiled and began clapping. We all clapped, just not as excited as her.

Did she know something we didn’t?

Just then, the door opened and, low and behold, Julia and her friend George came busting through the door.

“Hel-lo Chorus Kiddies.” Julia waved.
Julie jumped up and ran to her twin sister and hugged her.
“JULIA! Why did you come here?” She asked.
“Well, I heard you all needed some more kids and thought that Harrison and I could be of assistance.” She then bowed with George.
“And Julia loves to sing.” George winked at Julia.

Callie giggled and said;
“Yeah, we know that, Ms. ‘Forget You.’” She teased, referencing to Julia’s performance of Cee Lo Green’s ‘Forget You’ in Denver for New Year’s.

“We are happy to have you both, Julia and George, but before you audition, we would like to show you how things work around here. Anyone want to sing something?” Mrs. Hodge’s attention went from George and Julia to everyone else.

Julie and Molly looked at each other and shrugged, Jake yawned, Keith and Ryan were having a staring contest, Prudence and Elizabeth were drawing each other, Callie was lecturing Brett and Rita about something, and Matt was texting Beth.

My hand flew up, and everyone’s focus went to me.

“Well, Chrissa. The stage is yours” Mrs. Hodge smiled and walked down and sat down by Julie.

I grabbed Rita’s hand and pulled her onstage.
“You play the flute right?” I asked.
“Yeah, but I’m not very go-“ She started.
“Just play.” I interrupted.

I whispered my song selection in both Ben and Cindie’s ears and they nodded.

I walked up to center stage and sighed.
“This song goes out to two people; one is in this room right now, and the other, well. I don’t know where she is.” I sighed. Matt put his phone in his back pocket and looked at me. Our eyes met and one of those ‘oh-my-goodness’ moments happened again.

I blinked fast, and looked to Ben and nodded, cuing the band.

Cindie started playing the soft introduction to The Beatles’ “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.” I sighed before singing.

“Here I stand, head in hands. Turn my face to the wall. If he’s gone, I can’t go on feelin’ two foot small.” I looked at Matt.

“Everywhere people stare, each and every day. I can see them laugh at me and I hear them say… Hey! You’ve got to hide your love away.” Our eyes met and I looked at Julia for support. She smiled and I smiled.

“HEY, You’ve got to hide your love away.” I sang with more energy and a small smile on my face.

“How can I even try? I can never win. Hearing them, seeing them in the state I’m in.” I sighed, looking again at Matt. Then I remembered the other person I dedicated the song to.

“How could she say to me ’Love will find a way?’ Gather round all you clowns, let me hear you say” I remembered the conversation on the phone with Mikayla and the utter awkward-ness of it all. I sighed and opened my mouth to sing again.

“HEY, You’ve got to hide your love away!” I sang loudly.
”EVERYONE!” I yelled.
“HEY” We all yelled.
”You’ve got to hide your love away.” We all sang.

I turned to Rita and nodded for her to play her part. She walked over to me while playing her flute perfectly.

She can’t play, my left foot.

When she finished, we both bowed.

Mrs. Hodge stood up, clapping and walked to the center of the stage. “Now that is how we do things here!” Mrs. Hodge smiled. Callie whistled, Jake and Keith whooped and hollered, and Julia yelled ‘GO CHRISSA AND RITA!’

I looked at where Matt was sitting.

He was gone.

Serves him right.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Call Me

[Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, school's terrible & nothing eventful has really happened] [That is...until today.]

I was chomping on some Ramen Noodles, when my phone rang.

I looked at it, it was some weird number from Wisconsin.
I raised an eyebrow, did I know anyone in Wisconsin?


Was I bored out of my mind and wanting to do something eventful?

You betcha.

I picked up the phone and acted like someone I wasn't.
"Hello?" I asked in the most annoying voice I could think of. It was all high and squeaky.
"Chrissa?" A firmiliar voice asked.

I paused, my eyes growing wide.

"Who is this?" I didn't loose the voice, it just sounded confused and a bit scared.
"Mikayla....." The voice trailed off.
"Excuse me, I'll go get Chrissa." I said in my annoying voice and covered the phone with my palm and screamed.

"Is everything alright?" Mikayla asked.

I could never tell the two ends of a phone apart from each other.

"Yeah, uhm. Mikayla?" I asked in my normal voice.
"Chrissa?" She asked, sounding like she couldn't believe her own ears.
"No, it's S-" I retorted my usual reply.
"Santa Claus." Mikayla finished.
"So it really is you?" I asked, twirling a strand of my hair with my finger.
"No, I'm a ghost. OF COURSE IT'S ME!" She exclaimed, sarcasm lacing every word.

Dang, we were so mean to each other.

"So, what brings you to call me?" I asked, changing the subject.
"I was just going through my purse, and I saw a picture of you, me, and Sonali." Mikayla sighed.
"How did you get my number?" I asked.
"Oh, my friend Rita, she lives with you now. She gave it to me." Mikayla stated.

Thanks Rita, just thanks.

"Oh, well. Why did you call?" I asked.
"Why did you answer?" She retorted.
"Because I was bored." I responded.
"Oh." Mikayla sighed.
"Yup." I said, flatly.

"CHRISSA!" Sonali yelled from her room.
"BE RIGHT THERE!" I yelled back, covering up the right part of the phone this time.

"Well, I have to go help Sonali with something. It was nice talking to you." I said.
"Oh, tell her I said 'Hello.'" Mikayla said.
"Will do. Bye." I said.
"See ya." Mikayla muttered, then hung up.

That was so...


I remember when we could talk for hours on end, and now, we're like strangers.

Any advice?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Accidental Memories

“CHRISSA!” Marisol yelled.
“Ugh, what?” I asked, rolling out of bed and falling on a pile of my dirty clothes.
“Clean up your room.” She ordered and waved her hand around, as if I couldn’t see the dump that I live in.
“Okay.” I groaned, trying to get up, but falling down.
“You have 4 hours; we have company coming over then.” Marisol nodded.
“I didn’t know that the party would be held in my room.” I muttered.
“Excuse me?” She asked with an attitude.
“Nothing.” I looked down.
“I thought so.” Marisol said and then she walked out of the room.

“My life.” I groaned, flopping back on my bed. I looked up at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling and over at my light purple walls with a million different pictures on them.

I opened my mouth, but a poster fell down.

”Oh great, my first act of business.” I groaned, getting up. I picked up the fallen poster of
The Beatles and put it back up.
“All better.” I smiled triumphantly to myself. I turned to go clean another area of the room, but I stepped on something.

“OW!” I yelled, grabbing my foot. “A paper cut? Really?” I yelled in frustration.
I looked down at the picture that caused it and my jaw dropped.

“Mikayla?” I asked in astonishment like the picture would answer. I came to my senses and picked up the picture. It was a smiling picture of a girl who looked a LOT like my sister Prudence, same eye color and hair color, and me, in the American Girl Factory.

I smiled to myself; all of the memories were flooding back into my mind.

- F L A S H B A C K -
I was walking, alone, to my box. I saw a girl walk past; carrying the most beautiful painting I’d ever seen. I turned around and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and smiled.
“Yes?” She asked.
“Where did you get that beautiful painting?” I asked, adding emphasis on ‘beautiful.’
“Oh, thank you! Actually, I painted this.” She smiled.
“YOU PAINTED THAT?” I looked at it in astonishment, it was a colorful picture of a sunset.
“Yeah.. Thank you for liking it though. I’m Mikayla.” She smiled.
”I’m Chrissa.” I smiled back.
“I LOVE your shoes!” She looked down at my shoes.
“Oh, thank you. I like your purse.” We flooded each other with compliments, just like all girls do when meeting a new person.

Over the course of 4 months, Mikayla Michelle Martin became my best friend. Then Sonali came along and we became the three Amiga’s. Then, December came. Along with it, Christmas.

“CHRISSA!” Sonali exclaimed, coming out of her box. We all had to hide when the workers came to put notes on all of the dolls that were getting adopted.
“What?” I asked.
“You’re…getting adopted!” Sonali smiled.
“Big Deal.” Mikayla muttered to herself.
“What’s wrong, Mickey?” I asked. I was the only one EVER allowed to call her that.
“Nothing! Nothing’s wrong, you just go off and live happily ever after with your STUPID family. I don’t care.” She yelled, then ran off.

Sonali and I shared a confused look. But then, before I could do anything, the workers came back to take all of the dolls. Sonali gave me a big hug and promised that she’d write to me ‘Every single day.’ I smiled and hugged her back.

I looked over to where Mikayla’s box always was to say goodbye, but it was gone. I tried to search for her, but I had to go into my box and get adopted, but not before saving one picture of Mikayla and one of Sonali.

-End of Flashback-

We haven’t talked since, but looking at that picture sure brings back some memories. I smiled to the picture once more, then put it in my pocket, and cleaned my room.

Now I have a clean room, but a hole in my heart.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm In Trouble

Today at school, I ran to Matt's locker with the biggest smile on my face.

"I feel the same way." I beamed as soon as I reached it.
"Excuse me?" He asked.


"I lov-like you too." I corrected myself mid-sentence.
"Oh......." He trailed off.
"Oh? OH? OHHHHH?" I yelled.
"Yeah, oh. Like; 'oh, Chrissa, that's great. But while you took all this time to tell me, I found someone else.'" He finished.

His accent was a smack in the face.
No, scratch that, his whole sentence was a smack in the face.

"For real?" I asked, my heart plummeted.
He took a long pause. I was about to cry.
"No." He smiled.

Sadness immediately filled with rage.
"WHAT THE HECK MATT?!" I yelled, causing people around us to stare.
"April fools?" He asked.
"IT'S NOT APRIL." I yelled.
"February Fools?" He asked, fear in his voice.

I made several noises of frustration before turning around and stomping off to Chorus.

"Hi kiddies!" Mrs. Hodge squeaked.
"Ugh." I muttered, sliding back in my seat.
"I am pleased to introduce you all to our newest member, Brett Williams! Give him a hand." She announced.
We all clapped, I even forced a smile.
The doors to the auditorium opened and we all turned our heads to the person who opened them.

The smile was fake no more.
Brett Williams was a tall kid with brown hair that was cut and he had sea green eyes.

"Welcome, Brett!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Callie, who was sitting next to me at the time, looked at me uneasily.
"Chrissa?" She asked me.
"What?" I asked, in a trance.
"You can't like him." She whispered.
"Why not?" I whipped my head to look at her.
"That's Rita's best friend." She looked at me.

Oh Dear..........

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey Matt

I rushed down the hallway.
It's Valentine's day, and the last person I wanted to see was Matt.

"CHRISSA!" A familiar British voice yelled my way.
I turned around automatically and saw Matt walking towards me with a big smile on his face.

"What?" I asked, focusing my eyes anywhere other than his.
"Happy Valentine's Day." He smiled, handing me a Valentine.
"Aw, thanks." I smiled.
"I didn't get you a Valentine, but, uhh.." I searched around. My eyes fell on my wrist and the bracelet that I had made last weekend.
"Here. Happy Valentine's Day." I smiled, sticking out the blue and green woven bracelet.
"Thanks Chris, this is awesome!" He smiled.
"You're welcome." I grinned, then we parted ways to get to our third period.

When lunch came, I was eating my sandwich while Callie was telling how Julie, who's in the hospital, is doing.
"They said that she's doing better, but her chance is still slim." Callie's voice cracked.
"That's tewible!" Prudence, who had recently left the hospital, exclaimed.
"All we can do is hope for her survival." Callie added then the Lunch Supervisor, Mr. Jackson, came over the P.A. system.

"Everyone, we are going to do something kind of different today, well all of this week actually." He began. A light chatter spread across the room.
"We've decided, with all of the talented kids here, that we were going to start a karaoke contest during the lunch hour." He announced.

Everyone's chatter sounded more exciting.

"We have picked a random name to go first." He smiled, picking up a piece of paper.

"And the lucky person is...... Chrissa Maxwell." He announced.

All eyes went on me.

"Oh dear." I muttered.
"Go!" Sonali cheered, and pushed me towards the stage.

I got up and walked to the stage.

"Now, we have the songs on shuffle, so if you don't know the song, then just tell us and we will shuffle it." He smiled to me, then handed me the microphone.

"And your song is.." He trailed off, pressing a million buttons.
"Hey Jude by The Beatles." He announced.

I immediately smiled. I heard a lot of people cheering. I even saw Matt whistle.

"I take it you're good with that?" He asked, motioning towards the grin on my face.
I nodded.

"Sing away." He said, then cued the music.

"Hey Jude, don't make it bad.
Take a sad song, and make it better.
Remember to let her into your heart,
then you can start to make it better." I sang, slowly walking up to the front of the stage.

"Hey Jude, don't be afraid.
You were made to go out and get her.
The minute, you let her into your skin
then you'll begin to make it better."

What I really wanted to say was 'Hey Matt,' because if he wants to make both of our lives better, he needs to let me into his life, not just as a friend.

"And anytime you feel the pain,
Hey Jude, refrain.
Don't carry the world up on your shoulder." I tapped my own shoulder.

"For well you know that it's a fool
who plays it cool,
by making his world a little colder." Callie, Prudence, Elizabeth, Nathan, Jake, Sonali and Matt came up to join me.

"Na na na na na na na na na." They all chorused.

"Hey Jude, don't let me down.
You have found her,
now go and get her.
Remember, to let her into your heart.
Then you can start to make it better." I sang.

"So let it out and let it in.
Hey Jude, begin.
You've waited for someone to perform with." I sang, thinking about the time Matt and I sang 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars.

"And don't you know that it's just you.
Hey Jude, you'll do.
The movement you need is on your shoulder." I pointed to my shoulder again.

"Hey Jude" I waved to Matt.
"Don't make it bad.
Take a sad song and make it better.
Remember, to let her under your skin,
then you'll begin to make it better." I sang, with Sonali harmonizing with me.

"Better, better, better, better, better, WOAHHHH!" My voice got higher.

We reached into the 'Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-Hey-Jude' part, and everyone got into it. Matt spun me around and Callie sang the "JUDE JUDY JUDY JUDY JUDY OWWWW"

She's a good singer.

I sang with Matt by my side.

"HEYYY JUDEEEEE!" We all chorused and we bowed. Matt's hand interlocked with my own.

When I got home, I finally opened the Valentine he gave me.

It said 'I love you, for real this time.'


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pwudence's Recwovery

"Hi Prudence!" Charity sniffed.
Prudence looked at Charity and smiled a bit, then blinked twice.

"Outstanding." Dr. Reches smiled, scribbling on his notepad once more.
"Is that all you ever do?" Felicity asked, eyeing him.

Prudence slowly moved her head to face Felicity, she smiled at her.
"Hey Pru." Felicity grinned.

"Is she okay?" Marisol asked Dr. Reches.
"It seems as if she is. But, we can't jump to conclusions." He nodded at his own statement.
"Can she talk?" Sonali asked.

Cindie, who was on the phone with Callie, who was in Chicago with Molly, Julia, and Becca, put the phone on speaker.

"Will Prudence be able to sing?" Callie asked.

"Yes and Yes, but just don't rush her. She will come at her own pace." Dr. Reches advised.

"Oh okay." Sonali and Callie said in unison.
"Hey, Cindie. Can you put the phone by Prudence?" Elizabeth asked.
"Sure." Cindie said, and obeyed Elizabeth. She slowly walked to Prudence and put the phone up to her.

"Hi Prudy!" Elizabeth smiled.
"Ewizabeff." Prudence muttered.

"OUTSTANDING!" Dr. Reches beamed, scribbling on his notepad more rapidly.

"How are you feeling, girl?" Elizabeth asked.
"Peeeachy." Prudence yawned.
"Great! Well, I have to go. I will call you later!" Elizabeth sang.
"Bye Ewizabeff." Prudence's voice was numb. You could barely understand her.

Cindie hung up the phone after Elizabeth did and put the phone back in her purse.

"Cwissa." Prudence smiled at me.
"Pwudence." I giggled.
"Are you mockwing mwe?" She asked.
"No." I smiled.
"Gwood." She smiled.

"She's very chatty." A nurse commented.
"Who you cwalling chatty, wady?" Prudence narrowed her eyes.
"I don't mean it in a bad way, sweetie. It's just, I've never seen someone who's so talkative after coming out of a coma." The nurse defended herself.
"You obviously don't know Prudence." Jess joked.
"Twue. Twue." Prudence nodded.

"Hi Sonawi." Prudence smiled at Sonali.
"Hi Pru. I'm glad you're okay." Sonali grinned.
"Jwoin the cwub." Prudence smirked.

"Hi Marwisol." Prudence smiled.
"Oh Prudence!" Marisol threw her arms around Prudence's head.
"Marwisol, I can't bweath." Prudence's voice was muffled.
"Oh, sorry!" Marisol put her hands to her side.
"Bwut it's nwice two swee you." Prudence giggled.

"Hey Jwessie Bwear." Prudence cooed at Jess.
"Hey Prudy Bean." Jess smiled, happy to see Prudence alive and sort of normal.
"How are ywou?" Prudence, being a sweetheart, asked Jess.
"I'm not important now, how are you?" Jess asked.
"I'm fwine shwine." Prudence cooed.

"Cwindie. It's nwice to swee ywou." Prudence sent a smile Cindie's way.
"Thanks girl. It's nice to see you too." Cindie beamed.
"Can I hwave swome optimwism?" Prudence asked.
"Sure. You'll get better, and your voice will go back to normal." Cindie giggled.
"Thwanks swister." Prudence smiled.

"Cwarity." Prudence turned to look at Charity. I looked for Charity, wait. Where was she? I looked down at the floor.

Yep, Charity passed out.
"Cwarity? Is shwe asweep?" Prudence asked innocently. Apparently she forgot about fainting.
"Yeah, she's asleep." Sonali winked at me while Felicity and Marisol picked up fainted Charity and put her on two chairs.

"It's gwood to be bwack." Prudence smiled at all of us.
"It's good to have you back, Pru." Jess smiled.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Greet The Brand New Day

"How is she?" Jess nervously asked the doctor.
"I'm sorry to say this but, Prudence probably will....not survive." The doctor sighed.

"WHAT?" Charity exclaimed.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.
My grip on Sonali's hand strengthened.

Molly and Callie shared a glance, they were supposed to be on the next plane to Chicago to go to Chorus' Sectionals.

"Should we pull the plug on her?" The doctor asked.
"I will take that as a 'no.'" He muttered, scribbling something on his notepad.
"We have to perform another surgery. You girls will still be out here, right?" He asked.

"JUST GO!" Charity yelled, then put her head back on Marisol's shoulder.
He did as he was told, and walked back into Prudence's room.

We all sighed, and slumped back in our chairs.
"This can't be happening." Cindie muttered under her breath.
"Well, it is." Callie said.
"There just HAS to be something they can do, right?" Rita asked.
"You heard him." Marisol sighed, and began stroking Charity's newly-straightened hair.

"There is nothing." She finished.
"This SUCKS!" Julia yelled.
"JULIA! Language." Marisol scolded.
"She's right." Becca nodded.

Everyone nodded in agreement, even Marisol corrected herself.
Everything went quiet, and we were all sitting there.
Just..... Waiting.
For something.
A sign.

Rita coughed, and all of a sudden the radio began playing a God-sent.

"Dear Prudence." I whispered in bewilderment.

The guitar intro played, then Molly began to sing.

"Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?" She shot a weak smile at Julia.
"Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day." Julia sang.
"The sun is up," Becca sang.
"the sky is blue" Sonali sang.
"Its beautiful" Callie sang.
"and so are you" Rita sang, smiling at a picture of Prudence in her hand. Then placed it down into the chair next to Charity.

"Dear Prudence, wont you come out to play?" Rita sang, with tears in her eyes, to the picture.

"Dear Prudence open up your eyes" Jess smiled to the picture while singing.
"Dear Prudence, see the sunny skies" Cindie sang, while Becca, Julia, and Marisol all harmonized in the background.

"The wind is low," I sang.
"the birds will sing" Felicity sang, shooting a grin towards Pru's picture.
"That you are part of everything." Marisol sang.
"Dear Prudence, wont you open up your eyes?" Charity sang, blinking back tears.

Just then, Julie, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Nathan, (he's Pru's boyfriend) Jake, and Matt all came in and sat by us.

"Look around round" Rebecca sang.
"Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round, Round." The boys sang, low.

"Look around round round" Elizabeth sniffled before she sang, with the boys repeating the word 'Round' in the background.

"Look around" Julie flashed a smile towards Picture Prudence while singing.

"Dear Prudence let me see you smile" Nathan sang.
This must have hit him really hard.

"Dear Prudence, like a little child." Charity sang again.
"The clouds will be" Matt sang.
"a daisy chain" Felicity sang.
"so let me see" Becca sang.
"you smile again." Rebecca sang, while smiling at Prudence's picture.
"Dear Prudence," I sang.
"wont you let me see you smile?" Elizabeth finished.

"Dear Prudence." Sonali sang.
"Won't you come out to play?" Julia sang.
"Dear Prudence." Molly sang.
"Greet the brand new day?" Jess sang.

We all grabbed hands and sang with all of our power.
"The sun is up, the sky is blue, it's beautiful, and so are you! Dear Prudence"

"Won't you come out to play?" Charity sang softly, looking at the doors of the hospital room.

The rest of us hummed the ending and then we all looked at Prudence's picture.
"Please. Come out to play." I pleaded softly.

"OH MY LORD!" Someone yelled from inside Prudence's room.
We all jumped up.
Doctor Reches, he's her main doctor, came rushing out.

"SHE'S ALIVE!" He yelled.

We all erupted in celebration, there were a flood of hugs, high fives, and a heck of a lot of jumping for joy.

Our Dear Prudence had made it.
<3 Chrissa

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I hurried down the hall to Sonali's locker.

Marisol had sent all of us to school, except Charity, who waits patiently at

Prudence's bed side, waiting for her best friend to light back up again.

I had finally reached Sonali's locker and I greeted her;
"Heya Nali!" I smiled, fidgeting with the blue glasses I wore in honor of my fallen

She smiled and returned the favor. "Hi Chrissa! What are you doing here,

shouldn't you be in English Class?"

Typical Sonali, always looking out for me.

"I need to tell you something." I squealed, ignoring her question.
"Shoot!" Sonali smiled.
"On my Science test I got an......" I trailed off.
"CHRISSA! SONALI!" Jess yelled, running towards us.

The look on her face looked like it was urgent,
Oh no....

"What is it, Jess?" Sonali asked, looking just as concerned as I was.
"We have to get to the hospital, stat. Everyone else is already in the car." Jess

said, pushing us to the door.
"B-but I have to get to English!" I explained.
"Too bad." Jess muttered as she pushed Sonali and I out of the doors of AGPPA.


"P-P-Prudence" Charity sobbed at Pru's side.
We all rushed in to see what was wrong.
"What happened?" Julia asked.
"Is she alright?" Molly's grey eyes were misty.

Charity looked at all of us and burst out crying, running to Jess' side to hug her.
Marisol called all of the rest of us out into the waiting room.
"Girls." She started, and motioned for all ten of us to sit down in a seat.
"They.........put Prudence on.........Life.....Support..." She said in a soft voice.
"The doctor's don't think she has a chance............ of surviving." Marisol's

coffee-colored eyes began to water and her voice broke.


"Ohmygosh." I whispered then put my head in my hands and sobbed.

And just when everything was looking up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I looked out of the hospital window.

"What the- Fireworks?" I stared in amazement.

Low and behold, there was a huge colorful explosion shining in the January night sky.

Rita came up behind me and hugged me. Besides Charity, Pru's coma has hit her the hardest. She thinks she's our bad luck charm.

"Are you sure I'm not a bad luck sign?" She asked.
I nodded.
"If anything, you're a good luck charm." I smiled at her.
"How?" She asked, looking at me as if I were crazy.
"Because, you've brought Callie and Cindie closer, and you've helped everyone here realize that it's okay to be different." I beamed.
"But Pru...." She started.
"Will be fine. Don't worry." I re-assured.
She bit her lip, seeming like she was unsure.

She took a pause, but finally said "Okay."
"Hug?" I asked, putting my arms out.
"Hug." She smiled, then embraced me.

I looked out at all of the fireworks exploding in the sky.
There was a green and blue one, an orange and pink one, and finally, a big purple one.

Pru's favorite color.

It seemed like a sign, a sign from above that said that Prudence would get better.
I smiled into Rita's red curls and a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

'Every thing's going to be okay. Every thing's going to be okay. Every thing's going to be okay.' I chanted in my head.

And I meant it this time.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was walking home with Sonali
and we were listening to Ingrid Michaelson's 'Everybody.'

Out of no where my phone buzzed.
"Hey" I smiled.
"C-C-Chrissa?" A Trembling voice asked.
"Yeah, Marisol?" I asked.
"Y-Y-Y-Y-" Marisol couldn't stop stuttering,
so I heard someone take the phone from her.

"Chris?" Molly asked.
"What's wrong?" I asked. Molly and Marisol BOTH sounded like they had been crying.
"" Molly informed me in between shaky breathes.

My eyes widened.
Coma's and I don't have a good track record together.
My dad got hypothermia and fell into a coma, but never came out when I was seven.

"Oh.....My.......Gosh........" Is all I said.
"Chrissa, get to the hospital NOW!" Molly yelled, then hung up.

I wiped my eyes, and Sonali looked me in the eyes.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Prudence.......Coma...........Hospital....Now....." I was too busy processing the information in my head to create real sentences.
"OH MY GOODNESS! LET'S GO!" Sonali yelled, grabbing my hand and we ran to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, I experienced first hand, what a coma does to a family.

Marisol, Becca, Charity, and Molly were all in a corner crying.
Felicity had knocked over a chair and Callie kicked the wall.
Julia was hitting her head against a wall in frustration, and Jess had her head in her hands.
Cindie ran to the nearest doctor and begged him to make Prudence better, and Rita did the same with two other doctors.

To top it all off, as soon as Sonali walked in the room and saw Prudence's body laying on the bed, she went into denial.
"SONALI! CALM DOWN!" I yelled back.
"HOW CAN I?! THAT ISN'T OUR SISTER!" She retorted.
"Yes, yes it is, Ms. Matthews." A brown haired doctor informed.
"NO!!!!!!!!" Sonali cried out then started crying on my shoulder.

You see, Sonali is 5 inches taller than me, so this was a sight to see.
"There, There, Nali. Everything's going to be alright." I patted her back, and motioned for Cindie, the ray of sunshine, to make her feel better.
"Oh come on sis! Pru's going to get better. The doctor's won't let her die" Cindie smiled and hugged Sonali.
Sonali sniffled.
"Thanks Chrissa and Cindie, I feel a bit better." She gave a weak smile.
"Good, then you can write on Pru's blog, as Prudence, saying that you can't blog for a while." Jess smiled, pushing her laptop towards Sonali.
"How long should I say?" Nali asked.
"Make up a date, but make sure it's late in February." Jess offered a smile.
"Okay, thanks." Sonali smiled, then sat down and began to type.

The world wouldn't stop spinning for me. The walls were closing in, and all I could stare at was Prudence.

Or should I say, the shell of Prudence,
because Prudence would be consoling everyone.
Not just lying there.

I felt like I had lied to Sonali, because then, I wasn't sure if everything would be alright.

<3 Chrissa

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'll Get You In The End

"Chrissa?" Matt asked me after school.
I hurried over to his locker, which was directly across the hallway from mine.
"Yeah, Matt?" I asked, my eyes sparkling.

Was today going to be the day?

"Can I ask you something?" He asked.
I could have died.
"Yeah! Sure! Anything!" I squeaked.

I bounced up and down out of excitement and anticipation.

"Wil-" He was cut off.

"HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH JULIA YOU'RE SO FUNNY!" Julie squeaked from all the way down the hall, she was laughing at something that Julia had said.

"You were saying?" I asked.

"Will Y-" He was cut off ONCE MORE.

"ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED!" Callie, Cindie, and Rita screamed at the top of their lungs while walking towards the door.


"Will yo-" He was cut off once again.

"Bye Matt! Bye Chrissa!" Elizabeth waved, then walked out with Jake, Prudence, Nathan and Charity.

"Bye!" We both called out, everyone waved to us.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Will you-" He was cut off.

"Come on, Chrissa!" Sonali called out, then waited for me.

"Will you go out with me?" Matt asked.

I looked at him.
Time stopped.
I looked around, it was all so real.
Time went back to normal.

"Will you?" He asked.
"YES!" I smiled.

Then I woke up



Sunday, January 16, 2011

Magical Marita Tour

I was skipping around merrily, after Matt said that he might ask me out, I couldn't stop skipping around and whistling "Martha My Dear."

Wow, I really need to be put in a straight jacket.

Right as I was going to whistle the second verse, there came a knock at the door.

Melanie, who was sick so therefore, was home alone, answered the door.

I squinted my eyes to see what in the world it was.

"OH MY GOSH!" Melanie squealed, all stuffy. She then went to pick up the box, when I was rushed by Marisol to get into her room.

Marisol shut the door behind us. I looked around to see the faces of my equally confused sisters.

"Why are we here?" Charity asked.
"I thin-" Marisol was cut off by Melanie's voice.


We all stopped dead in our tracks.

Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita, Rita..........

"Rita?" Becca asked me, she apologized to me for being a total jerk on Friday, and now we're actually getting along well.

"Rita." I whispered, then it sunk in.

"RITA!" I yelled.

Then it must've sunk in to everyone too, because soon enough, we were all rushing out of Melanie's room and shouting "RITA RITA RITA RITA!"

We all watched as Melanie opened Rita and the outfits, then when Melanie turned to get Julia, Molly, Jess, and Becca, we bolted out of there.

[-:-] [-:-] [-:-]

Melanie was sleeping.

Her mom had come home and made her go to bed, to 'cure the disease.'

Rita was standing in a corner. Alone, and quite honestly, looking terrified.

Everyone was spazzing out about the new outfits that Melanie had got.
"You guys." I started, they looked at me.
"We have a new sister." I smiled.

We all made our way to Rita.

"Hi Rita" I smiled.
"...Hi" She whispered.
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"It's so cold here." She shivered.

We all chuckled.
"Then come over here in the sunlight!" Sonali smiled, then guided her over to the main doll area.

Rita looked around.
"Wow, there are a lot of you, aren't there?" Her Sapphire eyes dashing from one girl to the next, but finally settling on Marisol.
"Yes, but trust me, you get used to it" Marisol smiled.

"Okay good!" She giggled.
"Do you girls have names?" She asked, looking around again.

"I'm Marisol Luna, the oldest doll here." Marisol smiled.

"I am Callie Monroe, Hippie Extraordinaire." Callie giggled.

"I'm Jessalyn McConnell, but you can call me Jess" Jess smiled, using her first name.

"Hi! I'm Chrissa Maxwell-" I started, but was cut off.

"From the blog, Missa Chrissa?" Rita's eyes sparkled.
"Yes, from the blog." I beamed.
"I LOVE YOUR BLOG" She squeaked, and I thanked her.

"I'm Julia Albright, I can make you laugh your head off before you can say my full name." Julia smiled.

"Juli-" Rita started.

"Lo-lo-lo-lo." Julia said in a funny voice, but with a straight face.


"HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA" She laughed, her blue eyes shut and she was giggling insanely.

Rita's one of those people who's laugh is contagious, because soon enough, we all were laughing hysterically.

"Told you." Julia smiled.

"I'm Charity Eastman, if you ever run for Class President, I will help make the signs." Charity smiled, wiping her eyes.

"I'm Sonali Matthews. I can design a dress for you and make it too" Sonali smiled.
"You can also rhyme anytime." Julia said.

Molly laughed, then smiled.
"I'm Molly McIntire-" She was cut off.

"MOLLY!" Rita yelled, then ran and hugged her.
"Hi" Molly giggled.
"I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! YOUR COVER OF 'WE CAN WORK IT OUT' WAS AH-MAZING" Rita yelled, hugging Molly with all she had.
"Thank-you" Molly smiled, then gently pushed Rita off so Cindie could introduce herself.

"Hi, I'm Cindie Boswell, and if your ever down, I can show you the bright side of things." Cindie smiled.
"So, really, she's the human version of the song 'Getting Better' by The Beatles." Callie joked. Cindie giggled and Rita laughed.

"I'm Prudence Farrow. If you ever need to know anything about the show, 'Glee', come straight to me." Prudence smiled.

"Hey, I'm Felicity Merriman. If anyone ever gives you a hard time, I'll handle them." Felicity cracked her knuckles, then cracked a smile.

"Hi there! I'm Becca Rubin, remember that name one day, you're going to see it in SHINING LIGHTS" Becca put her arms up.

"There, we all have names. Do you?" Prudence asked, with a playful smile.

"Yes actually. My name is Martia Kenley Pilchard, but you can call me Rita. I came from the BEST AG Factory IN.THE.WORLD. I had 4 friends there, Annabelle and Mikayla Martin, Sonny Harrison, and Kenna Applee." Rita smiled.

"I KNEW SONNY AND KENNA!" Prudence squeaked.
"Yeah, I knew that! They wanted me to tell you that they say 'hi' and that they miss you." Rita smiled.
"Awww. I miss them too." Prudence smiled.

"Anyways, I'm pretty much OBSESSED with The Beatles-" Rita was cut off again.

"WELL HELLO THERE MISS RITA" Callie yelled, then appeared by Rita's side.
"Favorite Beatles song?" Callie asked.
"Lovely Rita, duh." Rita smiled.
"Favorite Beatles album?" Callie asked again.
"Sgt. Pepper's." Rita smiled again.
"Hmm, favorite Beatle?" Callie asked.
"MACCA" Rita squealed.
"Huh?" Callie asked.
"Paul McCartney, you know Macca." Rita explained.
"I understood, I just didn't understand why RINGO ISN'T YOUR FAVORITE." Callie exclaimed.
"Because Paulie is too cute" Rita got an awkward smile on her face.
"Cindie, her favorite album is your favorite, you two can be friends." Callie sighed.
"I want to be your friend too, Callie" Rita smiled.
"Oh Okay, then we will be friends." Callie beamed.

"I LOVE to write-" Rita was cut off AGAIN.

"ME TOO!" Prudence exclaimed.
"Is that all?" Rita asked.
"Yeah." Prudence sighed.

"And that's pretty much it. OH, and I'm kind of shy." Rita finished.

"Well Miss Rita, Welcome to the Randomly Retro Girls." Jess smiled.
Then we showed her around town.

She seems sweet.


Check out Rita's blog;

oh and Julia's blog too;

Friday, January 14, 2011

Snuggly Wuggly

-Randomly Chrissa-tastic Title-

"I'M GOING OUT!" Becca yelled up to Marisol.
"OKAY HAVE A GOOD TIME!" Marisol called back, from her room.

I was hiding in the closet by the door.

She was wearing a short glittery silver dress with no sleeves. She put on her black North Face jacket and her silver high heels and walked out, shutting the door behind her.

I knew where she was going.
She was going on her date with Matt.

All week, ever since the big fight, Matt has been CONSTANTLY ignoring me and CONSTANTLY with Becca.

I opened the door of the closet and fell out, covered in coats and scarves.

I got up, took all the coats and hats off and checked my outfit in the mirror.

I was wearing black Ugg boots, white skinny jeans, a white shirt, a black leather jacket and a wig cap.

Yup, I am going to crash their date.

"Where are you?" I asked, searching for the Curly red wig I bought at Wig World the day before.

"AHA!" I found it and put it on.

"I'd be a cute redhead." I smiled to myself in the mirror and put in the green contacts I bought the day before too.

I prepped my hair, grabbed my purse, and left.

I shut the door and saw Matt and Becca walking down the street to go to Icie.

I grabbed all of my pride and ran to Icie.


"Oh Mattie, you're SO funny" Becca smiled, ruffling Matt's hair.

They were sitting at a table, and where was I?

Hiding behind the counter.

"Um, excuse me miss?" A girl asked. I looked up and was staring into Sonali's eyes.


"Yes?" I used my Brooklyn, New York accent.
"You can't stay here." Sonali stated.
"Well, too bad. I have to stay here, alright, Hon. Comprendo?" I rolled my eyes.
Sonali looked at me a little closer.

"Chrissa?" She whispered.

Well, there goes my cover.

"Is it that obvious?" I whispered back.
"No, I just know your Brooklyn accent when I hear it." Sonali smiled.
"Oh." I smiled back.
"Are you here for Matt and Becca." Sonali nodded to them.
I nodded.
"Wow, I know you too well, girl." Sonali chuckled.

"You don't GET IT!" I started.

"Actually I do." She interjected.

I just looked at her, shocked. She went on.

"You think you're 'In Love' with Matt. Honey, honestly...." Sonali trailed off.

I knew what she was going to say;

'it's just a crush. Remember Ryan Cambers in 5th grade?' then we'd laugh, but I'd be heartbroken.

I blinked my 'green' eyes and prepared for the worst.

"I think you actually have real feelings for him. I mean, you never did this to any of your other crushes." Sonali finished, giving me a small smile.

I could have squealed with delight.

"You mean it?" I asked, smiling.
"Yes, and even if he didn't say what you wanted him to on New Year's, doesn't mean that it's not possible." Sonali hugged me.
"Thanks, Nali." I smiled.
"Anytime, Chris." She patted my back.

"WHO ARE YOU?" Mr. Valahi, Icie's owner, came out of his office and pointed his finger at me.

"Oh, Mr. V, this is my new friend, Michelle Owens." Sonali winked at me.

"Sonali, you know this is no place for your friends and you to hang out." Mr. Valahi's thick Italian accent laced every word.

"I know." Sonali sighed, looking at the floor.
"I was just leaving, actually. Bye Sonali and thank-you" I waved to Sonali, then walked from behind the counter and sat down at a table right by Becca and Matt's.

Sonali walked from the counter and wasn't in her uniform anymore, but she had a Strawberry Smoothie and a Chocolate Shake in her hands.

"One Chocolate-y Goodness for my best friend." Sonali handed the shake my way.
"And one Strawberry Fields Forever Smoothie for mine." I beamed, motioning towards her drink.

"WHAT?" Becca yelled at Matt.

Sonali and I exchanged a glance and hushed down to hear their conversation.

"Why are you yelling?" Matt asked.
"Because, you said that you DON'T LIKE SPARKLY THINGS!" Becca's face was red.
"Because, if you haven't noticed, dearie, I'M A BOY!" Matt yelled.
"YEAH BUT I THOUGHT YOU WERE GAY!" Becca yelled back.

I almost choked on my shake. That's why she asked him out?

"BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BECOME MY BEST FRIEND!" Becca yelled, then got up and left.
"AND I'M NOT GAY!" Matt called out to her direction, then slid down in his seat.

"Go." Sonali smiled.
"No." I refused.
"GO!" Sonali pushed me towards Matt's table.

"Hi." I whispered in my Brooklyn accent.
"Hi?" Matt asked.
"Have we ever met?" He asked.
"No, but I go to your school, AGPPA. I was just wondering, since I know you're friends with that Christina Maxwell girl." I said, purposely messing up my name.
"Her name's Chirssa." Matt corrected.
"Oh! Yeah, well, are you two friends again? 'Cause all of my friends and I have decided that you two MUST go out." I beamed.
He looked at me.
"Heh, you know what....... Ms. 'whatever-your-name-is,' I think you and your friends won't have to wait any longer." Matt smirked, then got up and left.

My eyes grew about 40 sizes bigger than normal.

Sonali ran up behind me, spun me around, and hugged me.


"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GOSHHHHHHHHHHH!" We jumped up and down, then grabbed our shakes and hurried home.

It's Getting Better All The Time


Monday, January 10, 2011

While My Heart Gently Weeps

"I look at you all, see the love there that's sleeping.
While my guitar gently we-" I sang, then was cut off by Matt's abrupt entrance into the Auditorium.

We always do this, we skip Lunch and come here and talk.

"MATT!" I exclaimed, hopping off stage and giving him a big bear hug.
"Hey Maxie!" He greeted, returning the hug.

"Whatcha got there?" I asked, peering at the brown bag he held behind his back.
"Just some CHOCOLATE GOODNESS!" Matt exclaimed, showing me the Icie's Ice Cream Logo on the bag.

I laughed, then looked at him.
Did he think we were dating?

Maybe what happened on New Years was just 'in the moment?'

"Hey, guess what?" He asked, pulling out the Chocolate Shake and handing it to me.
"What?" I asked, sipping the Chocolate-y goodness.

"Your new sister, Becca asked me out." He announced.

I started coughing on the shake.

"CHRISSA!" Matt said, trying to calm me down.
"WHY DID SHE ASK YOU OUT?" I yelled-asked in between coughs.
"What do you mean?" He asked.
"You told me you LOVED ME on New Years" I stated.
"WHAT? No I didn't!" He exclaimed.

My eyes grew wide.

"WHAT?" My face got red, I stopped coughing, but I WAS MAD.
"Yeah, I didn't! I wished you a Happy New Year and hugged you" Matt clarified.

I stared at him.

"Oh.My.God." I paused in between the words, having trouble taking in all the information he was sending out.
"Chrissa, are you feeling okay?" He asked.
"CHRISSA! CALM DOWN!" He yelled back.

He sat there, probably waiting for me to calm down.

On the other hand, I sat there fuming.


I just stared at the doors, then rose up, walked on stage and finished singing a
sob-filled rendition of The Beatles' 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps.'



Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lovely Rita

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE!" All 12 of us chorused.
She rolled out of bed, and rubbed the sleep out of our eyes.
"Thanks, girls." She said, sleepily.
Then she walked out into the living room.

Marisol sent Cindie and I out to see what she got.

"OOH! BEATLES STUFF" Melanie beamed.
Cindie and I exchanged a look that said 'She-is-going-to-have-a-million-Beatles-things-by-the-time-she's-fifteen-isn't-she?'

She got a George Harrison CD
[Cindie - *squeals*]
A Beatles DVD.
A Beatles Book.

"Open the first few pages" Melanie's mom said with a knowing smile plastered on her face.
"Um, okay" Melanie said, then opened the first few pages.

5 green pieces of paper flew down.
"ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS?" She asked with wide eyes.
Melanie's parents nodded.
"THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Melanie hugged them then ran into her room to listen to her CD.

-6 hours later-
A knock came at the door.
"REBECCA, JULIE, AND ELIZABETH ARE HERE!" Jess announced, before opening the door.

We all greeted each other with "Hey!" or "Hiya!" or "Heyla!" or "Hi!" or "Hello!"

"Girls. Oh hey, Lizzie, Rebeckie, and Jules!" Melanie greeted.
"Happy Birthday, Mellie Bean" They all greeted.

"Well, anyways, I have some news" Melanie explained with a smirk on her face.
"What is it, Mel?" Prudence asked.
"Yeah, spill it!" Julia urged.

"Well, I have enough money, so I think I will....." Melanie trailed off.

We all inched closer, waiting to hear the news.

"Buy another doll!" Melanie exclaimed.


We all erupted in cheers, much like we had on Christmas.
"Who?" Marisol asked when everyone cheered down.
"A Just Like You Number Thirty-Three" Melanie announced.

Julia, Prudence, and I all shared a look.

"Does her name happen to be Marita Kenley Pilchard?" I asked.
"Yes! It is, how did you know?" Melanie asked.
"She has a blog, Mel" Prudence said, grabbing her laptop and typing in;

Melanie's mouth formed a perfect 'O.'
"T-T-That's incredible!" She exclaimed.
We all nodded our heads.
"She has a really fantastic blog" Rebecca smiled.
"Oh so everyone knew except me?" Melanie asked in a playfully-hurt voice.
"Oh build a bridge and get over it, Mel" Julia playfully rolled her eyes.

Melanie chuckled.

"Well, GET ON WITH IT!" Charity exclaimed.
"YEAH! ORDER HER!" Becca smiled.
"Okay!" Melanie pulled her laptop down so we could all see it.

"And confirm order" Melanie said, clicking on the button that bought Rita.

"Girls, Rita Pilchard has been ordered." Melanie announced.

We all erupted in cheers and hugged each other and Melanie.

Will Rita like me?