Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Blues

"UGH!" I shouted as I threw down the Halloween magazine I was browsing through.

I don't want to go out Trick-or-Treating or anything like that, it's just..
We haven't even decorated our house for Halloween.

Marisol would disagree with me and say "Chrissa, that is NOT true. We have the pumpkin!"

Yes, because a small little pumpkin is totally festive.


Sonali is no help at all either, she always just sighs and says "Chris, it's just a holdiay. It's not even anything important, like Christmas or Easter. Hon, to be honest, Arbor Day is more important than Halloween."

A holdiay that is about TREES is more important then HALLOWEEN?!
Yeah, right.

Callie and Cindie aren't any help either, they just have spent the day watching old Disney Movies. Earlier I walked in on them watching 'Mary Poppins' I stared from them to the screen and back to them and exclaimed "Why are you watching this movie?! It's not even scary!" Callie scoffed and replied "What's scary is that we didn't think about this LAST year." Cindie nodded in agreement and reached for more popcorn.

You'd think Abbey and Prudence would help me because they are going to Hayley Madison's Halloween Party toight, but no such luck. "I'm sorry Chrissa My Dear." Abbey said. "We'd love to help but we have to focus on the party." Prudence finished, then they walked away. Julie and Molly don't help either because they are attending the same party.

It seems like the ONLY person who would be willing to help me is Jess.
Will she?
Maybe. I just have to ask her, which is what I'm doing in a few after I publish this post.

Wish me luck.
I'm going to need it..


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rain or Rebecca?

"Which One?" Melanie has been asking herself all day, while holding up her Rain shirt, and a picture of Rebecca.

Melanie has been PLEADING her mother for tickets to Rain, which is a tribute to the Beatles, her favorite band, and Mel went last March and LOVED IT. So she believes she "Needs to go"

The only problem is....
She would have to either get Rebecca or the tickets.

Melanie wants to get Becca and has for a long time, but she also "NEEDS" to get the tickets for Rain.

I walked up to Julie, who's only chance at a Best Friend would be Becca and asked her "Which one do you think Mel should get?"
Julie snapped "I DON'T KNOW! She LOVED Rain last time, so she'll love it this time if she goes, BUT I need Becca, and she wants Becca too! But If I say I want her to get Becca that would make me sound greedy....... I DON'T KNOW! GAH!" Julie said and stormed off.

January might come a little faster now, with the big decision to be made and all.

What should we do?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rescuing, Falling and Toasting

The end of the day bell rang.
I grabbed my backpack from my locker and ran home.

Yes, today was the day that Annalee THOUGHT she was going to take Molly from us.
Is she?


Marisol and Callie caught up with me, and there we were, running home.

Molly gets out 30 minutes early because according to the Vice Principal, Mr. Kirks, she would 'cause a disturbance'

"What if she's gone?" Marisol asked when we arrived on our street.
"She won't be" Callie panted, apparently running half a mile is hard on a hippie.
I pulled a water bottle out of my backpack, drank it, took a deep breath and opened the door.

She was gone

Callie's face fell.
"OHMYGOD!" She spazzed, immediately covering her face with her hands.
Marisol consoled her while I looked around for any sign of a note.

By then, Jess, Sonali, Cindie, Prudence, Abbey and Julie had arrived home and were either consoling Callie or fretting about Molly.

"I FOUND IT!" Cindie screamed while holding up a white piece of paper.
"READ IT NOW." Callie ordered amongst tears.

"Dear Randomly Retro Girls.

Molly is gone.
You can't do anything to stop it.

Cindie read aloud.

Callie stood up "OH HECK YEAH WE CAN" She rushed up to her room and gasped loudly.
"What?" The rest of us asked.
"MARISOL, GET A CAB!" Callie yelled.
"Okay" Marisol said, running to go catch a taxi.
Callie ran downstairs,
"She's at the airport."

As soon as we were at the airport, Marisol, Prudence, and Julie ran to the first desk they could find and asked questions like
"Have you seen Molly?"
"Was she being pulled here against her will?"
"Was she okay?"

Cindie, Jess, and Abbey were searching all of the gates, and Sonali, Callie, and I were scanning the crowd, looking for our sister.

I saw a flash of purple among the crowd and said "MOLLY!"
Then I ran, shouting "MOLLY MOLLY MOLLY!"
Sonali ran back to get the rest of my sisters and Callie was shouting Molly's name with me. Molly was struggling to get out of one of her bodyguard's grasp. Annalee was talking on a cell phone and laughed evilly. I couldn't hear her laugh evilly, but I just KNEW she was evil. They entered a gate for a flight going to England and Callie and I ran into the gate when the guard wasn't looking. Marisol shouted to us "GET HER QUICK." Callie turned to me "Chrissa, we NEED to get her. I know she's usually having to look out for me, but I need to keep her safe, 'cause she's my cousin you know." Callie's sky blue eyes were getting misty, I hugged her and said "C'mon Callie, let's go save a superstar." Then we were running again. Molly turned around to tie her shoe and saw us and mouthed "HELP!" We nodded, as in saying "We are trying to!" Molly was yanked onto the plane and Callie and I sneaked on. We put on some hats and coats [which were found in the lost and found] and hid behind Molly and Annalee's seat.

"Molly, dear, I am very disappointed in you. Why are you acting so sad that you left those Retro freaks?" Annalee asked.
"Why do you care about them? Don't you want to be famous more?" Annalee asked, completely ignoring Molly's comeback.
"BECAUSE, they are my family, and you don't leave family. Oh and to be honest, I really don't like fame anymore. I can't have any time with my family. You know what? I'm out of here." Molly said, standing up.
"OH NO YOUR NOT." Annalee grabbed Molly's arm and pulled her back to the seat. "You're my only way into the business, and I will NOT let you ruin our dream."
Molly was enraged. "OUR DREAM?! HOW ABOUT YOUR DREAM! EVER SINCE MY MOM DIED AND I GOT THE MIS-FORTUNE OF HAVING YOU AS AN ADOPTIVE MOTHER IT'S ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT 'Keeping the dream' and 'never letting the dream go' Well, you know what, I'm not letting the dream go, it's MY dream, it's MY voice, it's MY talent, and it's MY decision" Molly replied crossing her arms.
"IT'S MOLLY MCINTIRE, and YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER." Molly yelled back and got up.
Annalee grabbed her again and slapped her across the face.
Callie yelled "CHICK, DON'T YOU TOUCH MY COUSIN!" and Callie hit Annalee with a briefcase and Annalee was knocked out cold. "RUN RUN RUN!" I yelled as soon as I saw Molly's two bodyguards running after us. The three of us ran off the plane, down the platform, and into the baggage claim.
It. Was. Huge.
"Whoa" Molly gushed.
"HIDE!" Callie yelled as we all hid.
Callie was hiding by the main machine that had all of the bags and sent them to their correct flight, I was hiding behind two huge boxes and Molly was hiding under a cabinet. The bodyguards ran in and were looking for us.
"Man, where do you think they went?" The blond bodyguard asked the black haired one.
"I don't know, maybe the restaurant?" The black-haired guy suggested.
They both nodded and ran towards the restaurant.
Callie sighed "Thank heavens that was clo-" Then she fell into the baggage sorter, it was kind of like a slide.
"CALLIE!" Molly and I screamed in unison.
"THIS ISN'T FUN!" Callie yelled as she slid up an automatic belt.
Molly ran to find where the bags ended up after being on the belt and I ran next to Callie. "Callie! Stay Calm!" I advised.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!" She slid down.
"I FOUND WHERE SHE ENDS UP!" Molly yelled, pointing to a huge metal box.
I ran over and we waited for Callie to come out of the belt.
"WOAH!" Callie yelled as she nearly flew into the box.
Molly and I ran to Callie,
"Are you okay?" Molly asked.
"Molly, you were nearly ABDUCTED, I'm fine. The real question is, are YOU okay?" Callie asked.
"Yeah" Molly replied.
Callie said "I WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN!"
"No." Molly said sternly.
"OHMYGOD!" Callie yelled.
"What?!" Molly and I asked.
"I FOUND A BEATLES SHIRT!" Callie yelled, holding up a purple tee shirt with The Beatles on it.
"Aren't you happy?" I asked.
"Hey, it's not fair to use sarcasm on me" Callie retorted.
"Girls, not to be a party pooper or anything, but we've got company." Molly said, pointing to the bodyguards who just spotted us and were running towards us.
"RUUUUUUUUUUN!" Callie yelled and put the shirt in her bag she was carrying.
We ran out of the baggage claim and found ourselves in the main area of the airport.
Callie found a deserted car and yelled "GET ON!"
Molly ran and hopped on, I, on the other hand, fell down flat on my face.
"OH NO!" I yelled, the blond bodyguard picked me up and yelled
I kicked him in the stomach and he dropped me and fell to the ground, I ran like the wind and hopped on the car with Molly and Callie. We found Marisol and the rest of our sisters and we hopped off the cart and all ran to the taxi, but not before sharing a big group hug.

Later, at dinner time, we were all sitting around the table and Marisol had made Spaghetti and Meatballs and was just bringing it out. Before we got to eat, Marisol stood up and said, "Everyone, I think we each should say a few words."
"About what?" Prudence asked.
"Why we are happy to be a Randomly Retro Girl." Marisol replied. "We will go around the table, which means Cindie is up first and Chrissa ends it." Marisol said, then sat down.
Cindie stood up "I am happy to be a Randomly Retro Girl because it means I am closer to the people who care about me, which is you all"
Cindie smiled and Jess stood up "I'm proud to be a Randomly Retro Girl because it means I don't have to deal with my evil ex-owner and her Felicity and Elizabeth dolls"
Jess then turned to Julie who said, "I'm glad to be a part of the Randomly Retro Girls because I am with the people I love the most."
Then Marisol stood up "I'm happy that I am a Randomly Retro Girl because I get to have little sisters, which I never had before."
She turned to Abbey who stood up and said "I'm glad to be a Randomly Retro Girl because you all are such wonderful friends."
She turned to Prudence who stood up and said "I am proud to be a Randomly Retro Girl because I have a family who cares about me"
Then Molly stood up and said "I am glad to be a Randomly Retro Girl because I have people who care about me enough to save me from evil managers." She laughed and turned to Callie who said "I am glad to be a Randomly Retro Girl because I get to feel special and that I am important." She smiled and turned to Sonali who smiled and said "I am proud to be a Randomly Retro Girl because we all are just so different but alike one another, I mean, where else can you find a Hippie and an Optimist to be best friends?" She nodded to Callie and Cindie and sat down.
'My turn' I said in my head and stood up.
"I'm glad to be a Randomly Retro Girl because that mean I am part of something that is special, which makes me special." I smiled and sat down.
Marisol raised her glass of apple juice and declared "To Family"
We all cheered and clanked glasses then ate.

To Family.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Callie is constantly pacing.
I am always biting my fingernails.
Jess always looks nervously at the clock.
Marisol is looking down at the floor.
Julie doesn't crack a joke.
Sonali hasn't drawn in days
Abbey hasn't bothered to check on her plants growing in the green house.
Prudence missed Glee.
Cindie hasn't tried to be optimistic.

The worst part of it all?
Molly is oblivious to it all.

Annalee is evil, pure evil.
Why would she want to take Molly away from us?

Earlier this morning when Molly was warming up her vocal chords with Cindie by singing "Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do"

She turned to me and smiled.
It dawned on me that SHE was the only one that didn't know about the abduction and it was going to happen to HER.
I faked a smile and went back to help Sonali design Cindie's costume for the talent show that is coming up in a few weeks.
Molly was working with Cindie because Cindie is going to sing for her talent. Cindie was glancing at Sonali and me with a face that said "She doesn't know, does she?"

All we could do was shake our heads.

She has to know, but how can we tell her?


Sunday, October 24, 2010


Ugh, not that I don't like my name, I love it and all but, when Marisol says it in her best "Motherly Tone", it is PRETTY annoying.
"Coming" I mumbled and fell out of bed. I muttered a few things on the lines of

Seriously? Why am I up at 8:30 in the morning on a SUNDAY?!

When I got down to the kitchen, Marisol was holding a letter.
"What's that?" I asked, eyeing the letter.
"Look for yourself." She advised, sliding the letter across the kitchen counter to me.
It said;
"FINAL NOTICE." On the front of the envelope.
"What could this be?" I asked, dreading the worst.
"I couldn't find the courage to open it." Marisol said, her head in her hands.
"Well then I guess I have to, don't I?" I sighed, feeling close to tears.
Marisol nodded.
I breathed heavily "Here goes everything."
I opened the envelope slowly. A crisp white piece of paper was enclosed, I took it out and took a deep breath before reading.

"To whom it may concern;

This is a final notice of Molly Renee McIntire's stay at the Randomly Retro household. Her manager, Annalee Frenches, is coming to collect miss Molly's things and the Superstar on Friday, the 29th of October at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, with or without the Randomly Retro Girls knowing.


Encore Records."

My heart sank.
"Ohmygosh" Marisol said, bursting into tears. She hates loosing people.
I went to hug her "Mar, we can't let this happen."
"I know, I know." She sobbed into my shoulder.
I patted her back, "Molly's not going anywhere."
Marisol sighed and wiped her tears "I know, we aren't going to let them take her."
"Neither am I" a mysterious voice said.
We both jumped and searched for the voice's owner.
I spotted, none other then Callie Layne Monroe, walking down the stairs, having heard everything we said.
"Aww Callie, I am so sorry" Marisol apologized.
When Callie got closer, for the first time ever, she was crying. I have never seen Callie cry before, so needless to say, I was taken aback. Callie didn't say anything, she just ran to Marisol and me and hugged us.

"Molly won't leave" I re-assured.

And she won't.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Musical Revenge and Revolutions

"Chrissa, Chrissa, Chrissa." Hannah, the self proclaimed "Queen of AGPPA" sneered at me during Art Class.
"W-W-What?" I stuttered out, terrified of what she could say.
"Well, let's see. Your hair is messed up, your ugly, no one likes you and" She paused and took a look at my Beatles Shirt, then uttered out the unimaginable "The Beatles suck." She said, then strided away with her little Blonde clones following her.

I just stood their with my mouth wide open. Callie and Sonali walked by me on their way to exit the class, but she paused and asked, "Chris, what's wrong?"

Angry tears stung in my eyes. "Am I ugly?" I whispered.
Callie was taken aback, but said "NO! Anyone who thinks otherwise is totally blind."
I felt a little better "And my hair isn't too short?" I questioned.
"No, it's the perfect length." Callie smiled and replied.
"Who had you thinking otherwise?" Sonali asked.
"Hannah..." I sighed.
Sonali's face immediately filled with hatred.
"I'll be right back." She grumbled and stomped away.
"Did she say anything else?" Callie asked once Sonali was out of sight.
"Yeah.." I gulped, Callie was willing to flatten anyone who said anything about the Beatles being bad.
"Well what?" Callie's blue eyes filled with curiosity.
"Hannah looked at my shirt and said that The Beatles suck." I looked to Callie, but she was out of the room and rushing down the hallway.

'Oh no' I thought and rushed after her.

Sonali was just about done giving Hannah a good lesson on inner and outer beauty.
Sonali finished by saying "And Hannah, darlin', you may be pretty on the outside, but on the inside, your just as ugly as a week old orange."

I smiled just as Hannah scoffed and turned away, or at least tried to.

Sonali walked back to me just in time to see Callie and Cindie, arm in arm, walk up to Hannah and the clones and Cindie started belting out

"You say you want a revolution, well, you know...
We all want to change the world.
You tell me that's it's evolution
We all want to change the world"

Callie took over.
"But when you talk about destruction..
Don't you know that you can
She sang while giving Hannah and her clones a stare that said "Your crazy for not liking the Beatles."

Cindie rushed over to Sonali and I and grabbed our arms and pulled us over to Callie, who was happily singing the words of one of her favorite Beatles songs to Hannah.

"Don't you know it's gonna be?" Sonali, Cindie and I harmonized.

"ALL RIGHT." Callie added the emphasis.

"All right." Cindie sang.

"All right." Sonali and I repeated.

Jess ran down the hall and handed Callie an electric guitar and Marisol followed shortly behind her carrying an amp with the help of our friends Julie and Rebecca. Callie thanked them with a nod and plugged the guitar in and jammed out.

Molly had just come out of the bathroom to see her little cousin telling off the bullies in song. By the look on her face, she was first horrified then she smiled a bit and sang the second verse,
" You say you got a real solution.
Well, you know..
We'd all love to see the plan
You ask me for a contribution
Well, you know..
We're all doing what we can."
She did a little dance and signaled for Abbey, who had just walked out of the science lab to finish the verse. Abbey shrugged and walked up to Hannah and sang with all her little heart could take
"But when you want money for people with minds that hate,
All I can tell you is brother you have to wait."

Hannah's face was horrified, because Abbey sounded like she just called her a boy. Abbey danced around and sang
"Don't you know it's gonna be?"

"All right."
Julie and Rebecca sang

"All right.."
Marisol and Jess followed.

"All right."
Prudence echoed.

Callie then played the guitar solo and I ran into the music room and grabbed a piano and played the piano solo. Kids were dancing around and playing various instruments. Some kids were even throwing neon colored streamers around the hall, apparently a lot of people had somethings to say to Hannah.

Callie turned to our Julie and Julie's eyes lit up, probably hoping to sing.
Callie nodded and Julie ran up to Hannah and placed a hand on her shoulder and sang
"You say you'll change the constitution
Well, you know
We all want to change your head."
Julie patted Hannah on the head and turned back to us and skipped over to Sonali and signaled for her to sing the song. Sonali stepped forward and opened her mouth just in time to sing
"You tell me it's the institution
Well, You know
you better free your mind instead."
Sonali searched for one of our sisters to finish the song and she spotted Prudence and pulled little Pru to the front. Prudence looked a bit nervous but sang out
"But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow."
Prudence sang proudly, Hannah had given her a hard time when she was just new to AGPPA, but now Prudence was getting revenge, along with all of us other kids.

Musical revenge.

Marisol and Jess walked to the front and calmly sang
"Don't you know it's gonna be?"

Cindie and Callie yelled
"All right?!"

Prudence and Abbey screamed
"All right!"

Molly and our Julie replied
"All right!"

Rebecca and the other Julie sang
"All right!!!"

Marisol and Jess sang
"All right!!!"

Gina and Kendall [You'll meet them in an up coming post] yelled
"All right!!!!"

Sonali and I posed and sang
"All right!"

then all of the kids in the hall [there were about 50] screamed in our most John Lennon-ish way;
"ALL RIGHT!!!!!!"

then they ended the song.

Mrs. Fredriches was walking down the hall when she saw all of us dancing, Callie on top of an amp, streamers hanging from the ceiling, and what looked like rainbow colored Sharpie marker on a bunch of lockers that spelled out the word "Revolution."
Her face turned red and she yelled "ALL OF YOU! DETENTION, NEXT TUESDAY AT 4:30" She called a janitor and then instructed all of us to get to class. While I was walking to History I could have sworn I heard the Janitor whistling "Revolution" while cleaning up.

We did, in fact, start a revolution.

That'll teach Hannah to mess with us again.

- Chrissa