Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crunching Curiousity

"Chris, you take that area of leaves and I'll take this one." Sonali instructed. Yep, it was that time of year again,

I breathed and my nose was filled with the smell of Pumpkins. Probably due to the fact that Prudence and Jess were carving some Pumpkins and Marisol was teaching Cindie how to make Pumpkin bread. Yummy.

I snapped back to reality when Sonali yelled "CHRISSA! COME ON, these leaves won't rake themselves." I sighed and raked leaves. I heard the crunching of leaves and as I turned, I saw Julie and Abbey had come back from the fabric store for our costumes that Sonali is making us. Sonali smiled "Thanks girls. I'll be right back, Chrissa. I have to go put these in my room and sort them." Sonali said before going inside with Abbey and Julie. I finished raking the leaves, but Sonali still wasn't there. I heard music. I followed my ears to where the music was coming from, and that led me to my new neighbors house. The new neighbors were a nice family of about 4 dolls, the dolls were Addy, Josefina, Nellie and Samantha. I looked and saw the Nellie girl taking out the trash, she was muttering something under her breath. I hid behind the bushes and when she was walking by I heard something like "Jasmine's going to get a new doll. Blah." then Nellie shut the door. I still heard the music, it reminded me of the Glee Cast's Version of "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. As I walked towards the back gate that led into their backyard, the music got louder and clearer. I could hear Finn singing "Just a Small Town Girl, Living in a Lonely World. She took the midnight train going anywhere." I decided that this was Prudence's lost Gleek family. I laughed a little when I thought of that. Then I noticed there was a window open. I peered inside and it was the Addy girl's room. She was holding her iPod and sitting on her bed. Her iPod was hooked up to an iHome. She said "YES!" then clicked on the 'mystery song' and my jaw dropped.

"Lady Madonna,
Children at your feet.
Wonder how you manage to make ends meet." Her iPod sang.


I. Almost. Died.

Just then, I jumped down and unleashed my inner-Marisol.
Yup, that's right. I, Chrissa Marie-Martha Maxwell, queen of the klutzes, danced.

The iPod stopped immediately and I heard footsteps running to the window.

Speaking of 'See How They Run' because as soon as I heard her footsteps, my feet grew wings. I ran around their front lawn and back to our lawn. Sonali was just coming outside when I got back. "Hey Chrissa, you alright?" She asked, looking concerned. "Trying to be, I need water." I said then walked inside while muttering the words of "Lady Madonna."

"Feel better, Chris!" Sonali said after we got inside and I was walking to my room.
I muttered a 'thank-you' and fell into a deep sleep.

Chrissa Madonna,
Le-aves at your feet.
Wonder why you spied
on your neighbors, sheesh.

<3 Chrissa.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Musical Mayhem

Footsteps, Camera-clicking, and Beatles music.

Those are the only three sounds you can hear in our home right now.

The reason?
Melanie got the idea for FOUR music videos, not one or two.

AND She wants to at least start getting somewhere with them all.

Am I the star of any of them?
Is Sonali the star of any of them?

The stars of the Music Videos are, Molly, Abbey, Prudence, Cindie, and Rebecca, even though we don't have her yet.

I PROMISE to keep you all updated with the Music Videos and what goes on behind-the-scenes :)


[PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST. If you want ALL of the details, not just my opinions, and updates on ALL of our videos, go to and Follow and Comment :D]

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wigging out

"Chrissa, I think you need to see this" Julie said, with her mouth forming a straight line. "......Okay" I hesitated, then got up off of my bed and walked slowly into the main area of Melanie's room, [Mel was at school, and we dolls had all just arrived home.] Julie then opened up her laptop and typed in our YouTube Channel.
"Wait, why are we on YouTube?" I asked, only to be answered with a "SHHHHHHH, YOU'LL SEE!"

Just then, Julie scrolled down to Melanie's American Girl Wish list and I couldn't believe what I saw.

Melanie is going to ask for Felicity.

As in 'NOT EMILY' Felicity,

"Oh my gosh." I gaped. Julie looked up at me from the computer chair "What do you think Molly will say?" She asked, her usually happy chocolate eyes were filled with sorrow for Molly. I thought about it for a second, "I don't know, Molly is pretty unpredictable." I sighed. "Hey Girls! Whatcha doin?" Molly's sing-songy voice filled the room. "....NOTHING!" Julie said while snapping her laptop's screen down. "You sure?" She asked, while coming in the room, with a... new look.
"MOLLY!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!" Julie screamed when she saw Molly walk in the room with BLOND HAIR. All I could do was stand there and gape at her. "Molly, what did you DO?" I asked, reminding myself a little of Sonali when Cindie gets herself into trouble. "Girls, Girls.. It's just a wig! I know Marisol and Mel would have a spaz attack if I did dye it permanently" Molly said as if it were common knowledge. "OF COURSE THEY WOULD SPAZ, now take that thing off, your kinda creeping me out" Julie pointed at Molly's wig. "NO. Emily sent it to me, along with a card that said,
I have received word from the workers that they are planning the Christmas dolls already, and your sister, Julie, told me that miss Melanie, your owner, is on the fence about getting me, so I might not come exactly on time, but I'm joining your family at one time or another.


After reading that outloud to us again, Molly realized the meaning of the letter "OH MY! She's not coming for Christmas?" "No, sorry Molly" Julie replied. "Then who is?" Molly asked with her grey eyes filled with rage. "We don't know" Julie and I said in unison. "I'll be right back" Molly said then stomped away.

This can't be good


Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Hurrah

Goodbye Summer of 2010.

You were a fantastic summer, I had so many adventures while you were in season.
I went to Indiana with Sonali.
I saw Callie get re-united with her best friend, Cindie.
I found out that I am not from 2009, but actually 1965.
I starred in a couple of YouTube videos.
I met Abbey's best friend, Prudence.
I won an AG Grammy.
My "I'm Looking Through You" music video on YouTube got over 400 views.
I made so many new friends on blogger. :)


We will miss you


Friday, September 3, 2010


WOW. Just....... Wow.

That is the ONLY word to describe today (my first day of school's) events.

Wow in a good way, because I met Rebecca and Julie from the blogs, Rebecca's Life and Julie Sparkles! They are both so nice! Also, all of my teachers are very nice.

Wow in a bad way, because;

and the worst of all,
"Aren't you Molly's sister?"

DUDE. I AM, OKAY?! Grr, part of me HATES being a superstar's adopted sister, and the other part LOVES it, because I get to help design her photoshoots and album covers. None of this happened last year!

Oh yeah...

Molly McIntire didn't go to AGPPA last year.

<3 Chrissa Marie-Martha Maxwell.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Deep Depression


Hey everyone, Chrissa here and I am SO MAD!

Reason 1) Melanie has officially told us dolls that she is CONSIDERING asking for Felicity as a Christmas present.

Reason 2) I. HATE. BULLIES.
Your probably asking why I put that there, I did because SONALI HAS BEEN GETTING PICKED ON, and not just in real life.... No, on YouTube too.
Mel got a comment on her video of her opening Sonali and it was just a plain RUDE comment (that person is blocked now :D) and the last thing they said was...
"By the way, She is not gorgeous"
SERIOUSLY!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! SONALI IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE I KNOW, INSIDE AND OUT, and if you say something mean like that about her to my face... Well, I hope you like the hospital, BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP THERE, and I won't just do that if you pick on Sonali, no, if you pick on ANY of my sisters, You'll be sorry.

Sonali found out about the comment and has been depressed about it ever since she read the last letter in 'Gorgeous.'



Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Countdowns and Change

2 days.

126 days.


It's not school that I am worried about, to tell you all the truth I am ecstatic to go back to AGPPA, it's CHRISTMAS. [READ THIS POST to get the back story]After that call, we were all terrified, especially Molly.

Molly was shaking and stuttering. "Y-y-y-you don't think that was MY Emily, d-d-do you?" Abbey's green eyes were almost to the point of tears, "How else could she have known about YOU, US, OUR YOUTUBE, AND MOST OF ALL, HOW COULD SHE KNOW ABOUT MELANIE?! Prudence didn't know about any of the last 3 things until I told her!" Marisol tried calming Abbey down, "It's okay Abbey, Emily's not going to change us." Abbey's face got redder and her eyes got a little wetter "YES SHE WILL! SHE IS GOING TO RUIN OUR PERFECT FAMILY!" Sonali and Prudence ran to calm Abbey down. Julie was the next to talk. "Girls, I think we might not get Emily at Christmas." We all looked at her, with our mouths hanging open. Julie had gone with Mel to her grandma's house earlier. "Mel was talking with her Grandma earlier and Mel asked her if she had ordered Emily yet, and she said no." Julie said with a sigh. I was confused "What does that mean?" Julie looked at me, and said, "I think Mel's changed her mind."