Friday, December 31, 2010


I sighed, and sat down on the bed.
"You okay, Chrissa?" Sonali asked, looking concerned.

We are in Colorado at The Rockies Resort because the Chorus got booked to sing at one of Mrs. Hodge's friends' New Years Parties.

"No." I sighed.
"What's the matter?" She asked, sitting down next to me.
"Tonight's New Year's Eve!" I exclaimed.
"And?" She looked confused.
"People always say 'I Love You' on New Year's" I tried to make it obvious.

There was a few minutes of silence.

"OH! So you want Matt to tell you he loves you?" Sonali asked.
I nodded.
"Chrissy! Honey" She hugged me, "You can't make people love you! It takes time! Remember how long it took Prudence's boyfriend, Nathan, to tell her that he loved her?" Sonali asked.
"Yeah" I said.
"Well, maybe Matt's like that, if he does in fact, love you." She smiled.
"Oh, well I want him to love me." I muttered.
"You know I want him to love you back, right?" She asked.
"Of course! If you didn't, I'd have to kill you" I joked.

We laughed.

-4 Hours later-

"COSTUMES!" Mrs. Hodge called out, busting through the doors of the dressing room.

Everyone in the Chorus huddled around her.

She opened one bag over a whole clothes rack.

"Here's the girls' dresses" She smiled, getting out of the way to show us our dresses.

All of our eyes popped out.

"Wow! They're amazing!" Jessica smiled.
"Sonali and Mrs. Hudson have done it again" Callie smirked.

"And here are the boys'" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"Tuxedos!" Nathan smiled.
"All fancy smancy" Matt joked, looking at me.

After we all got dressed and ready, Mrs. Hodge went on stage to introduce us.

"Well, Happy New Year everyone!" She smiled.
Everyone clapped.

"Well as you know, this party would have been NOTHING if not for Jenny. Let's all give a round of applause for her" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

After the round of applause, Mrs. Hodge started talking again.

"Well, I have been working at an amazing school for Talented Kids called AGPPA" She smiled. "I teach English there, but I also am the director of their Chorus or Glee Club. They are all amazingly talented, but I'll leave that all for you to find out" She smiled, then walked back stage.

The lights dimmed, and we all walked on stage.

We got into a square, with the people farthest from the crowd being
[Left to Right]
Ryan, Prudence, Tyler, Callie, and Keith.

The people in the middle being;
[Left to Right]
Chrissa, Peter, Lizzie, Matt, and Molly.

The people in the front;
Charity, Nathan, and Me.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!" Nathan yelled, then cued the band to play Elvis Presley's 'Burning Love.'

"Lord Almighty,
I feel my temperature rising" He waltzed to center stage and started singing while Charity and I spun from one side to another in opposite directions.

"Higher and higher
It's burning through to my soul" He raised his hands up and then put his hand to his heart.

"Girl girl girl girl
Your gonna set me on fire
My brain is flaming
I don't know which way to go" He walked one way and then the other one.

"Cuz Your kisses lift me higher" He crouched down, then went up.

Everyone stood on a ledge and harmonized.

"Like the sweet song of a choir" He pointed to us and spun around.

"You light my morning sky
With burning love" He went to Prudence, he grabbed her hand. She jumped down and he spun her around.

"I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love" He sang and Callie sang "Ahh!"

We all erupted into un-choreographed dance moves.

"I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love
I'm just a hunk, a hunk of burning love" Nathan danced around with Prudence and sang.

Then we finished the song.

Everyone started "Whooping" and clapping.

"One, Two, One, Two, Three, FOUR!" Callie counted down, then cued the band to start the intro to Taylor Swift's song, 'Superman.'

Remember when I said she was stalking me?
She is.

This song is TOTALLY about Matt and I.

"Tall dark and superman
He puts papers in his briefcase and drives away
To save the world or go to work
It's the same thing to me" I shrugged while I sang.

"He's got his mothers eyes his father's ambition
I wonder if he knows how much that I miss him
And I know every word that you say, yay
You smile and say 'how are you?'
I say 'just fine'
I always forget to tell you, I love you, I love you ... forever" I sang, taking a long look at Matt. He was giggling and dancing around with Charity.

I felt a pang of jealousy rush through me.

"I watched superman fly away
You've got a busy day today
To save the world ill be around
I watched superman fly away
Come back ill be with you someday
Ill be right here on the ground
When you come back down" Everyone huddled around me and I spun around and sang, on another level, then I finished spinning and sang the last line in Matt's direction.

"Talk dark and beautiful
He's complicated he's irrational
But I hope someday you take me away and save the day, yeeeeahhh" I imagined flying around the world with Matt.

"Something in his deep browns eyes has me seein'
Hes not as bad like his reputation
and I can't hear one single word they said" I covered my ears with my hands.

"You leave, got places to be and I'll be old then
I always forget to tell you I love you I loved you from the very first day" I slapped my forehead then took the microphone off the stand and started dancing with all the girls.

The girls and guys split up and the girls did one move, the boys imitated it and then we merged.

"I watched superman fly away
You've got a busy day today
To save the world ill be around
I watched superman fly away
Come back ill be with you someday
Ill be right here on the ground
When you come back down" I sang, while Callie and Jessica spun past me.

Matt made his way by me, which caused my stomach to make friends with the butterflies.

"And I watch you fly around the world
And I hope you don't take some other girl
don't forget, don't forget about me
I'm far away but I'll never let you go
I'm lovestruck and looking out the window
Don't forget don't forget where ill be" He spun me around.

"Right here wishing the flowers were from you
Wishing the card was from you
Wishing the card was from you" Lizzie handed me a bouquet of roses and I took them, and motioned towards them while singing.

"Cuz I loved you from the very first day" I sang my heart out. Keith and Molly both jumped off the ledge and ran down to everyone in the crowd. We all got them up and dancing.

"I watched superman fly away
You've got a busy day today to save the world
Ill be around" We all chorused.

"forever and ever here" I soloed.

"I watched superman fly away" I made wings with my hands.
"I swear ill be with you someday" I crossed my heart.

"Ill be right here on the ground
When you come back down" I pointed to one part of the crowd, then moved my hand towards the other part.

Then we all harmonized. I did a cartwheel, Liz and Charity broke into a kick line, where everyone else joined in.

Everyone in the crowd was in a conga line.

The band was jamming out, Cindie was rocking on guitar and Ben was playing his heart out on the drums.

"When you come back down" I finished.

We all bowed, the crowd went nuts once again.

"Now, now, now" Mrs. Hodge said into the microphone.
"We would like, for the last number, to bring out our newest member. Everyone, meet Ms. Charity Eastman!" She beamed.

Charity's hazel eyes grew about 10 sizes larger.

Mrs. Hodge walked over and whispered something into Charity's ear, she nodded. Then Mrs. Hodge whispered the same thing into both Cindie and Ben's ears.

Then, Cindie started playing a slow guitar solo.

"Yeah, I'll Tell you something." Charity sang.

'I Want To Hold Your Hand?'


"I think you'll understand.
When I'll say that something,
I want to hold your hand.
I want to hold your hand.
I Want to hold your hand!" She sang. She had a very angelic voice.

"ONE, TWO, THREE!" She counted off, then the bouncy version began to play.

"Oh please, say to me
You'll let me be your man" Jake sang.

"And please, say to me
You'll let me hold your hand." Lizzie sang, appearing at his side.

"Now let me hold your hand,
I want to hold your hand." They harmonized, their voices went well together.

"And when I touch you I feel happy inside.
It's such a feeling that my love" Casey and Ryan sang together.

"I can't hide," Ryan sang, getting higher in pitch.
"I can't hide," Casey powerfully sang.
"I can't hide." They harmonized, reaching as high and as powerful as they could.

"Yeah, you've got that something," Keith pointed to Molly.
"I think you'll understand." Molly sang sweetly.
"When I'll say that something
I want to hold your hand," They both sang.

"I want to hold your hand,
I want to hold your hand." We all sang.

"And when I touch you I feel happy inside." Tyler smirked at Callie.
"It's such a feeling that my love" Callie returned the smirk and danced around him.

"I Can't hide!" Peter sang to Jessica.
"I can't hide" Jessica sang back.

"I can't hide!" Everyone sang, our voices sounded really powerful together.

"Yeah, you've got that something," Prudence sang.
"I think you'll understand." Nathan sang.

"When I'll feel that something" Matt sang, appearing at my side.
"I want to hold your hand," We both sang.

"I want to hold your hand," The whole chorus sang, then bent down to the floor, except Charity.

"I want to hold your hand." She sang and whipped her head side-to-side, causing her blond curls to fly around her face.

Then we all posed.

Everyone stood up and clapped.

We all bowed. Mrs. Hodge came out and bowed too, we all (in the chorus) clapped for her and screamed. I looked in the crowd, I saw Sonali wiping a tear off her cheek, all of my sisters were standing up and cheering and I saw Rebecca and Julie doing the same.

After that, someone came running in.
"ONE MINUTE 'TIL NEW YEARS!" They announced.

We all turned on the big screen TV to the New Year's Eve Ball Drop in New York City.

"10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4!" I counted down.

"I love you" Someone whispered in my ear.
I turned around and his lips crushed into mine.

"3! 2! 1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" Everyone chorused.

I pulled away, and looked into Matt's eyes.
"I love you too! Oh my God, do I love you!" I jumped up and hugged him.

Everyone must have heard us because they started cheering.
"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHRISSA!" I heard Callie, Sonali, Prudence, and Lizzie chorus. Molly whistled.

I blushed insanely.
"You do that a lot don't you?" Matt asked.
"Oh shut up and kiss me" I joked and his lips returned to mine.



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here Again

The lights glistened on the tree.
The clock said 7:00 in the morning.

"CHRISSA! CHRISSA!" Prudence shout-whispered.
I awoke with a start, falling out of a dream where I was the first Woman President.
"What?" I asked groggily.
"Christmas Time Is Here Again!" Prudence started singing Melanie's favorite Christmas song by, who else, but The Beatles.
My eyes snapped open.
"CHRISTMAS!" I yelled.
Everyone seemed to get up and run out of bed.

We all found ourselves huddled around a hole in Melanie's Living Room's ceiling.
"Who made this hole?" Marisol asked sternly.
Callie raised her hand.
"Ah, your punishment will come later, it's CHRISTMAS!" Marisol beamed.
We all quieted down when Melanie sleepily walked into the room.

"Merry Christmas everyone." Melanie yawned.
"Merry Christmas, Mel." Melanie's dad greeted.
"When are Nana and Papa coming?" Melanie's little brother, Andrew, asked.
"Soon, hopefully." Melanie's mom said, peering out the window.

Five minutes later, Melanie's grandparents came through the door.
Melanie's Nana was holding a doll-sized box.

All of us cheered.

"THERE'S FELICITY!" Cindie yelled.

Melanie asked her Nana to bring over any doll stuff she got her, because every year, on top of normal Christmas, Melanie's family goes to her Grandparents' house to celebrate with Mel's mom's side of the family.
With family comes cousins.
Same-age cousins.
Same-age cousins who might think having dolls is stupid or nerdy.

"Merry Christmas Nana and Papa!" Melanie greeted, hugging her Nana then her Papa.

Melanie's Grandmother is her Nana and her Grandfather is her Papa, just so you all know.

After everyone got settled down, Melanie's mom sat down in a chair and Mel's dad got his camera out to take some Christmas Morning Pictures.

"Okay, OPEN!" Mel's mom exclaimed and the room quickly erupted with noises of Paper ripping, boxes opening and 'ooh'-ing and 'ahh'-ing.

Marisol wrote down every present Melanie got.

-20 minutes later-
(Melanie has to sort EVERYTHING she gets.)

"What do you have so far?" Molly asked Marisol.
"3 Beatles shirts,
4 pairs of Jeggings,
5 Beatles posters and/or pictures,
1 rug,
1 light,
1 mirror,
1 Beatles cartoon ornament,
3 pairs of pyjama pants,
1 Beatles CD, 'Please Please Me',
1 Ke$ha CD, 'Animal',
and 2 purses." Marisol sighed.

"Ooh, as long as she got Beatles stuff. We know she's herself." Callie joked.
Cindie chuckled, then quieted down when Melanie started talking.

"Felicity? You In There?" Mel whispered.

Then, she tore apart the wrapping to unveil a brown box.
"BORING!" Julia yelled out, we hushed her.
Melanie opened the box and out came about one million Packing Peanuts.

"OH MY GOSH!" Melanie exclaimed.
We all inched closer.

Melanie reached her hands inside and pulled out 2 little red boxes.
She opened Felicity's accessories and Felicity's Holiday Gown.

Then, she looked inside and pulled out.......

"FELICITY!!!" She exclaimed.

We all started cheering.
"WOOOOOOOO!" We all screamed at once.

"Thank-you Nana and Papa! And thank-you Mom and Dad" Melanie smiled, hugging Felicity.
"She's gorgeous, Mellie Bean." Nana smiled.
"I love her eyes." Melanie cooed.

"MY TURN!" Andrew beamed, then reached for the last present.
He unwrapped the paper to show...........

Another big brown shipping box.

"WAIT WAIT! THAT'S MEL'S!" Mel's mom exclaimed.
"Oh I thought so. I don't get stuff at QVC." Andrew joked.
"Lemme see." Melanie took the box.

Mel's mom and Nana shared a glance.

Melanie opened the box.

"REBECCA!!!!!" She screamed, pulling out a certain curly haired brunette.

"WHAT?!" We all yelled. We all thought Melanie was going to get Becca for her Birthday!
"Let me check." Charity said, grabbing her binoculars.

After a few seconds of silence.

"Rebecca Rayna Rubin has entered the building." Charity beamed.
We all erupted in cheers once again.

Then, Mel and her family talked about random things, which let us dolls go back to Melanie's room.

"Woahh! LOOK!" Molly beamed.
"SANTA CAME!" Jess screamed then ran to our mini Christmas tree.

He indeed had.
Marisol got some new ballet shoes,
Callie got her own Beatles shirt,
Jess got a Mac Laptop,
Julia got 6 big posters of the band, Queen,
Charity got all Taylor Swift's albums, 'Taylor Swift','Fearless', and 'Speak Now',
Sonali got a new sewing machine and 3 new sketch pads,
Molly got a Coach purse,
Cindie got 3 Beatles CD's, 'Help!', 'Rubber Soul', and 'Revolver',
Prudence got a karaoke machine with 4 microphones,
and I got............

"What's this?" I asked after I opened my present.
It was a small box.
I opened it, inside was a necklace with a silver paintbrush on it.
"There's a card." Sonali beamed.
I picked up the card and read to myself;

Happy Crimble! Or, how you American's say it, Merry Christmas! Either way, I hope today is filled with love, friends, and family. I can't wait to see you on New Year's Eve.

Oh, I see that confused look on your face.
Your sister's didn't tell you?
All of your sisters, the new sister or sisters you might get, all of the kids in Chorus, and Lizzie's sisters, Julie and Rebecca, are going up north to a huge resort for New Years. We got a gig to sing at a New Year's Party! Mrs. Hodge will be there too! I can't wait to see you there, Maxie!

I hope you like your necklace! I found it on Black Friday after you had to leave, and I immediately thought of you.

Merry Christmas Chrissa!



Everyone gathered around me and we started talking about what we were going to do there.

We were interrupted by footsteps walking in the room.

"And this is your new home, girls" Melanie smiled, holding Becca and Felicity.
She sat them down on the ground and went back in the Living Room to get the rest of her stuff.

Felicity and Becca looked at each other.
We hid behind Melanie's desk and watched.

"Hi, I'm Felicity Jane Merriman!" Felicity greeted, putting her hand out.
"I'm Becca Rayna Rubin. Remember that name, you're going to be hearing it a lot in the movies." Becca beamed, shaking Felicity's hand.

We all emerged from behind the desk.

"Who are you?" Felcity asked.
Marisol went to the front of the group.
"I'm Marisol Luna, the oldest doll here. We're the Randomly Retro Girls. You two are our newest sisters." She smiled.

Felicity and Becca seemed to consider it, then smiled.
"Hi!" Becca squeaked.
"Hey there!" Felicity smiled.

"I'm Callie Monroe." Callie greeted.
"The name's Jess McConnell." Jess smiled.
"Hi, I'm Chrissa Maxwell!" I said.
"Hey, I'm Charity Eastman." Charity beamed.
"I'm Sonali Matthews, it's nice to meet you!" Sonali greeted.
"I'm Molly McIntire, we've been waiting SO LONG for you two!" Molly smiled.

Becca's eyes widened.
"THE MOLLY MCINTIRE?!" Becca's eyes were about the size of Watermelons.
Molly nodded.
"I LOVE YOU!" Becca yelled.
"Aw thanks." Molly smirked.

"I'm Cindie Boswell! You two are going to LOVE it here." Cindie re-assured.
"I'm Prudence Farrow. I'M NOT THE YOUNGEST!" Prudence exclaimed.
Everyone laughed.
"And I'm the one, the only, Julia Albright!" She smiled.

Becca's eyes widened again.
"Do you have a sister named Julie?" Becca asked.
Julia nodded.
"Oh...My..God." Prudence gaped.

Rebecca told us all that she had a twin sister that no one knew about, not even her sisters.

Apparently her sister is now our sister.

"Wait, Rebecca Rubin?" Felicity's green eyes sparkled.
"Yeah" Becca nodded.
"Is her owner named Brittany?" Felicity asked.
"Yup!" Everyone chorused.
"Really? AWESOME!" Callie beamed.

After a 30 minutes of talking to them, we found out that Felicity's favorite song is "Please Please Me" by The Beatles and she LOVES Ke$ha and is from 1963, but she likes some stuff from 2010 and that she's a true blue Tomboy. Becca's favorite song is Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered. (I'm Yours)" and he's her idol and Becca has a dream of being a famous actress.

"OH!" Marisol got up randomly.
"What?" Felicity asked.
"We got you a gift." Marisol smiled, then gave Felicity her gift.
She opened her gift.
"Ke$ha's new CD. AWESOME! Thanks everyone!" She exclaimed.

"Sorry we couldn't get you a present Becca. To be honest, we didn't know you were coming." Marisol apologized.
"Don't apologize." Becca beamed, then got up and got 11 tape-on bows.
"What are you doing?" Jess asked.
She put a bow on everyone.
"You guys are my Christmas present." She beamed.
"You just quoted a commercial." Julia joked.
We all erupted in laughter.

I've had one year with Melanie.
It seems like so much more than that.
I have gone from having 3 sisters, to having 11.
I've gone from not knowing what school is, to loving nearly everyone in it.
I've gone from being shy, to having a great group of friends.
I've gone from not knowing what family is, to being able to give an exact definition straight out of the 'Chrissa-nairy'

1. A group of people who care for each other.
2. The Randomly Retro Girls and Melanie.



Saturday, December 18, 2010

Love Letters

"Matt. I'm nervous." I confessed.

Wednesday, the 15th of December, was my first Chorus performance. It was Matt's too.

"Why?" He asked, his British accent making me feel a bit better.
"Because, before singing with you. I'd never sang in front of an audience before." I sighed, looking down at my purple flats.
"Chris." He said, grabbing my shoulders "You're going to be fine. Don't worry." He smiled.
I smiled too
"Well, then... LET'S GO!" I yelled then bolted into the Auditorium with Matt trailing close behind.

"CHRISSA AND MATT ARE HERE!" Callie yelled as soon as she saw us coming through the door.
Callie, Prudence, Molly, Elizabeth, & Casey immediately circled around me.
I peered over at Matt, he was talking to Nathan, Keith, Jake, and Ryan. I smiled.

"So..." Elizabeth said.
"So what?" I asked.
"What song are you singing?" She asked.
"For Matt." Casey added.
I rolled my eyes.
"It's a surprise, and how would you know that it's for Matt?" I asked.
"Because, Hun, it's obvious." Casey remarked.

Before I could answer, Mrs. Hodge walked in.
"Hello, My little love song singers!" She greeted.
"Hello Mrs. Hodge" Everyone called out in unison.
"You're all getting better at that. So, who would like to sing their heart out first?" She asked.

One single hand raised. I looked to who it was, and to my surprise, it was Ryan.
"Ryan, you want to sing first?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"Yes" Ryan replied with insane amounts of confidence.
"Well, then sing away!" Mrs. Hodge smiled, then came and sat down in her normal seat.
Ryan made his way on to the stage.
"I need someone to sing the girl parts in this song. Jessica?" He asked.
Casey looked hurt, but then she went back to not caring.

Wait, didn't they just love each other the last time I saw them?

Jessica looked confused, but she walked on stage anyways.
He asked her if she knew the parts to some song, she nodded and then she walked over and told Cindie to play the piano intro.

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
It's alright because I like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry?
That's alright because I love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie." Jessica sang sweetly. Her voice sounded a bit like Rhianna's, but not much.

"I can't tell you what it really is.
I can only tell you what it feels like.
And right now, there's a steel knife in my windpipe.
I can't breathe but I still fight while I can fight.
As long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight." Ryan rapped.
I looked at Casey, she looked like she knew all about this.

Everyone else was about as confused as I was.

"High off of love,
drunk off my hate. It's like I'm huffing paint.
And I love it the more I suffer.
I suffocate.
And right before I'm about to drown.
She resuscitates me.
She freaking hates me.
And I love it." He said.

Dude, this was getting more and more confusing.

By the end of the song, Casey and Ryan were staring daggers at each other, whereas the rest of us were way too confused to even notice.

"That was a love song?" Callie whispered to me.
"A love gone bad song." I replied then she went back to being confused.

After Ryan went, Casey went up.
"Okay, well I know that was a total disaster." She looked at Ryan.
"But our relationship isn't all that bad. Case in point." She said, then cued the band to play Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream.'

"You think I'm pretty without any makeup on.
You think I'm funny when I tell the punchline wrong.
I know you get me, so I let my walls come down.
Down" She made her voice go up and down the second time she sang down.

Everyone clapped for the both of them after Casey finished.
She ran down to Ryan and they hugged.

"Okay, that was weird." I whispered to Elizabeth.
"But it was adorably weird." She smiled.
"True." I shrugged, then turned my attention back to Mrs. Hodge.

"Who would like to sing next?" She asked.
Elizabeth's hand shot up.
"Okay, Liz. Sing away!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

"You were in college, working part-time, waiting tables
Left a small town and never looked back
I was a flight risk, afraid of fallin'
Wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts" She sang Taylor Swift's "Mine."

"I say, "Can you believe it?"
As we're lyin' on the couch
The moment, I can see it
Yes, yes, I can see it now" Elizabeth made her way to Jake, and sang directly to him.

"Do you remember, we were sittin' there, by the water?
You put your arm around me for the fist time
You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter
You are the best thing that's ever been mine" She sang to Jake.

After Liz sang, I clapped like crazy. That was so adorable how she sang that to him!

After Elizabeth sang, Jake waltzed up and sang Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are"


After Jake sang, Mrs. Hodge called on Keith to sing.
"Okay." Keith muttered, then walked up.

"I like how when you look at me
you don't know how i feel
cause I'm usually so nonchalant
my feelings I conceal" Keith sang. He had a really good voice.

"but I want you to know
oh, I want you to know" Keith pointed to one end of the crowd, then moved his arm across.

"I must admit I've felt this way for more than quite a while
but I can't hold it no longer when I see the biggest smile
can't wait no more
oh, I can't wait no more" Keith sang. I looked at Molly.


Dude, he was singing Bruno Mars' "All About You" for HER.

But did Molly notice?


After Keith sang, Molly voulnteered to sing. She sang Ke$ha's "Your Love Is My Drug."
She was awesome, like always. I think Keith noticed she was singing about him, because all of a sudden, he got this really awkward looking grin on his face.

"Well done Molly!" Mrs. Hodge complimented after Molly finished.
"Who would like to go next?" She asked.

I looked around, my gaze settled on Jessica. She was giving Peter, who was holding pictures of his girlfriend, Hayley Wilson, in his hand.

Someone's jealous.

Her hand raised, she stomped to the stage and belted out 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne, which gave Peter a look of amusement and horror. I looked to Callie, she used to like Peter. She even was his best friend, Callie could care less, she was dancing around to the music. Even if she couldn't stand Jessica.

After Jessica finished singing, Peter went up to sing.
"This song is about my girlfriend. She's not here, but letting out my feelings would help." Jessica looked like she was furious, but still wanted to hear what he sang.
He ended up singing Maroon 5's 'This Love.' Everyone got up and sang the final chorus with him.

"This love has taken it's toll on me.
She said goodbye, too many times before." Everyone waved while singing.
"And her heart is breaking in front of me
and I have no choice
'cause I won't say goodbye anymore.
WOAHHHHHHHH!" We all harmonized while singing 'woah' then he finished.

Everyone clapped, when the clapping settled down, Mrs. Hodge looked around.
"So who wants to sing now?"
"ME!" Callie yelled.
"Okay, Callie." She smiled, then let Callie sing.

From what I've been told, last week, Callie told Peter that she loved him. He just gave her the death glare, so she ran away. When she came back, he sang a song for Jessica. Callie believes that Jessica stole Peter from her, which is why she ended up singing Taylor Swift's "Better Than Revenge"

"Now go stand in the corner and think about what you did." Callie pointed to the corner. The band started the song.

"Time for a little revenge." Callie said, then began singing.
"The story starts when it was hot and it was summer and
I had it all, I had him right there where I wanted him.
She came along, got him along and let's hear the applause." Callie clapped.

"She took him faster than you can say sabotage." Callie held up a sign that said 'Sabotage'

"I never saw it coming.
Nor had I suspected it." Callie shook her head and made her way to the drum set.

"I underestimated just who I was dealing with.
She had to know the pain was beating on me like a drum" Callie played the drums.

"She underestimated just who she was stealing from" Callie shook her head, making her light brown locks fly in the air.

"She's not a saint." Callie acted like she was praying.
"And she's not what you think." Callie pointed to her head.
"She's an actress.
And she's better known for the things that she does on the mattress.
WOAHH!" Callie sang.

"Soon she's gonna find
stealing other people's toys on the playground won't make you many friends." Callie shook her head again.

"She should keep in mind, she should keep in mind.
There is nothing I do better than revenge. HA!" Callie then jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed.

After Callie sang, Tyler decided to go up.
"I'm going to need a couple of people to sing the background vocals." He sighed.
Matt, Keith, and Jake went up. Peter wanted to go up, but Tyler looked like he was going to hit him in the face. Peter got the idea, and went back to sitting by Jessica.

"Easy come, easy go
That's just how you live oh
Take take take it all
But you never give,
Should of known you were trouble
From the first kiss had your eyes wide open,
Why were they open?
Gave you all I had
And you tossed it in the trash,
You tossed it in the trash, you did." He started singing Bruno Mars' "Grenade."

For Jessica, obviously. He and her were dating, they broke up. Then in the beginning of Chorus, Callie developed a crush on Tyler. Jessica was just like "NO!" So Jessica acted like she liked Tyler when she REALLY had eyes for Peter.

Either way, Tyler and Callie were cheated.

After Tyler sang, everyone clapped.
"GOOD JOB TYLER!" Callie called out. Tyler smiled to her.
"Well done, Tyler! Okay well next we have, Nathan!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

"Okay!" Nathan smiled, then walked to me.
"Chrissa. Do you know The Beatles' song 'Eight Days A Week?'"
I nodded "Yeah!"
"Then you need to sing the backup." He smiled.

When we got on stage, Prudence shot me a look that said;

I smiled, Nathan was going to sing her the cutest little song ever.

"We need a guitar player." Nathan said into the mic.
Callie was up on stage with a guitar faster than Nathan could ask who wanted to be the guitarist.

Callie played the intro and Nathan sang.
"Ooooh I need your love babe.
Guess you know it's true.
Hope you need my love babe.
Just like I need you."

I joined in
"Hold me, Love me.
Hold me, love me!" I made a heart with my hands.

"I ain't got nothing but Love babe." Nathan sang.
"EIGHT DAYS A WEEK!" We both sang.

After the song, Prudence was so surprised! She ran up and hugged Nathan.
She then ran and hugged both Callie and me. She thanked us about a million times.

"Well Prudence, while your up. Do you want to sing next?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"Oh, of course!" Prudence smiled.

"Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale" Prudence smiled while she sang.

"Today was a fairytale" She sang to Nathan.

"Today was a fairytale
I wore a dress
You wore a dark grey t-shirt
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
Today was a fairytale
Time slows down whenever you're around" She pointed to Nathan, he pointed to himself and shook his head, jokingkly.

"But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale" Prudence smiled.

When Prudence finally finished singing Taylor Swift's 'Today Was A Fairytale.'
It dawned on me that Matt and I were the only two who hadn't sang yet.
The butterflies returned. I had a song picked out, and it was PERFECT, it's just I wasn't sure about the whole performing it.

"Okay, well we only have two more people to go! Chrissa, do you want to go next?" Mrs. Hodge asked what I dreaded.

To my luck, Matt raised his hand.
"Um, Mrs. Hodge?" He asked in his amazing British accent.
"Yes, Matt?" She asked.
"Chrissa looks a bit nervous. Do you think I could go first to give her a little time to get ready?" He asked, turned to me, and winked. My mind swam.
"Sure, Matt! What a sweet thing to do!" Mrs. Hodge smiled and Matt walked on stage.

"Okay, I'm new to Chrous. So if I suck, tell me." He joked then began to sing.

"If I fell in love with you
Would you promise to be true
And help me understand
'cause I've been in love before
And I found that love was more
Than just holding hands"



"If I give my heart to you
I must be sure
From the very start
That you would love me more than her" His amazing voice sang.

I must have drifted away to another world, because he started singing that to me while we were sitting in a field.

"If I trust in you, oh please
Don't run and hide
If I love you too, oh please
Don't hurt my pride like her
'cause I couldn't stand the pain
And I would be sad if our new love was in vain" In the dream, he sat with a guitar and was strumming. I was singing along too.

"So I hope you see that I
Would love to love you
And that she will cry
When she learns we are two
cause I couldn't stand the pain
and I would be sad if our new love was in vain" He sang John's part and I sang Paul's part. He went lower and I went higher.

"so I hope you see that I
would love to love you
and that she will cry when she learns we are two.

If I fell in love with you" We both finished singing.

He whispered "I love you, Maxie."
Then he began to lean in..........

"WOOOO GO MATT!" Prudence's loud voice pulled me out of my day dream.
I was dissapointed that he would never tell me that, but I was just so proud of him for singing! I stood up and yelled
"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Like the physcopath I am. He smiled and winked at me, which was becoming the norm.

"That was beautiful, Matt! That leaves us with one more person to sing... Chrissa!" Mrs. Hodge pointed to me.

"Oh dear." I muttered as I left the comfort of my seat and walked on stage.
"I picked out this song because the first time I heard it, I connected to it. I mean, sure, he's probably never going to love me back, but hey, at least I can dream and I can say that I was enchanted to meet him" I smiled then cued the band to start playing 'Enchanted' by Taylor Swift, she really must be stalking me, because this song is exactly how I was the day I met Matt.

"There I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles
Same old tired, lonely place
Walls of insincerity
Shifiting eyes and vancancy vanished when I saw your face" I immediatley flashed back to the minute I saw Matt. The butterflies I felt in my stomach, the way my eyes probably went to the size of basketballs.

"All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you" I smiled.

After that day in History,
he said "It was nice to meet you, Christine, is it?"
I smiled, "Chrissa. but It was nice to meet you too, Matt."

"Your eyes whispered "have we met?"
Across the room your silhouette starts to make it's way to me" I remember how excited I was when Matt went to sit by me.

"The playful conversation starts
Counter all your quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy" I remember the first word he said to me,
"'lo" Sure, it wasn't exciting, but it was amazing, then I remembered the day we auditioned for Chorus, how witty he was to get me to go with him.

"And it was enchanting to meet you
All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you" I smiled while I sang.

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home" I sang an octive higher.

I remembered the way Callie gave me the ninth degree when she found out about my crush on Matt, and how I legitamatly was blushing all the way home the day I met Matt.

"I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you" I went up when I sang 'meet.'
I looked at Matt, he flashed me a 'go-get-'em' smile.

He wouldn't ever know how I felt, would he?

"The lingering question kept me up
2am, who do you love?
I wonder till I'm wide awake
Now I'm pacing back and forth, wishing you were at my door
I'd open up and you would say,
It was enchanted to meet you
All I know is I was enchanted to meet you"
I sang, recalling the night where I stayed up, wondering what I would say to Matt the next day, and how that night I dreamt that he came to my door and confessed his love to me.

I sang the chorus again.
"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew" Prudence and Elizabeth were slowly waving their hands in the air from side to side. Soon everyone was mirror-ing them.

"This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you"

I flashed back to the time I danced around and sang 'Martha My Dear' but substituted 'Martha' with 'Matthew.'

"This is me praying
that this was the very first page
Not where the story line ends
My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again
These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon
I was enchanted to meet you"

I remembered the time that Matt invited me to go with him and his mom on Black Friday. While we were waiting outside, his mom commented "You too would be the cutest little couple I ever sawr." Her thick accent lacing every word. As soon as we got in the store, I faked throwing up so I could go home.
I was a coward then, and I hate myself whenever I think about it.

"Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you
Please don't be in love with someone else
Please don't have somebody waiting on you"

As I sang, I remembered the time that Abbey brought up the fact that Matt could still have a girlfriend in London and that night I prayed to God that he wasn't in love with someone else and didn't have a gorgeous skinny blond girlfriend waiting for him in London.

"This night is sparkling, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
This night is flawless, don't you let it go
I'm wonderstruck, dancing around all alone
I'll spend forever wondering if you knew
I was enchanted to meet you"
I sang the chorus looking around at everyone's expressions.

Jessica looked like she was moved, that she had felt the same way as I do.

Callie smiled, she knew the story and was rooting for Matt to love me back.

Prudence looked like she was about to cry. I remember her telling me about how she wondered if Nathan liked her back. This song must have hit home for her.

Nathan was looking at Prudence, he looked like he was wondering if she was enchanted to meet him.

Peter was looking at the pictures of Hayley he still had in his hands. He was whispering the words to the pictures.

Tyler was smiling at me. He was enjoying the song. He then did something that shocked me, he looked at Callie and mouthed "I was enchanted to meet you, Hippie."

Elizabeth had her head on Jake's shoulder and looked happy for me. She was always telling me that keeping your feelings bottled up ended badly.

Jake kissed the top of Elizabeth's head. He then shot me a smile, he knew too. He always told me that the only way for Matt to get a hint that I liked him was to drop a hint. Well singing a song is one big hint.

Casey and Ryan were holding hands, they were smiling at me and then at each other. I think they were finally getting settled as a couple.

Molly was smiling at me. Molly has always been the best giver of advice, but she's never been very lucky in love, so she couldn't help me. By the look on her face, I was giving her advice on what to do with her love for Keith.

Keith was looking at Molly from the corner of his eye. I could have screamed while I was singing, Molly was finally crushing on a guy who was crushing back! YAY!

Mrs. Hodge wiped her eyes, I think she was crying! Maybe the song I was singing reminded her of a lost love?

Lastly, Matt. He looked just so proud of me. That only made me love him more. Matt mouthed 'You're the best.' I wished he mouthed 'I love you,' but hey, baby steps.

"Please don't be in love with someone else" I sang, unknowingly having a tear escape and slide down my face.
"Please don't have somebody waiting on you" I shook my head, then bowed.

Everyone stood up and applaused. I smiled.

I did it! I sang! I was so proud of myself.

After that, Mrs. Hodge congratulated all of us on our progress, and told us about the Winter Dance. That was on Thursday and Prudence has a post on it, just look up "Positivley Prudence" on the sidebar and search for a post entitled "Disco Bell Rock."

Looking back, I'm proud of myself. I mean, not everyone can sing a song for someone they love when the person is right there. But I did, and I am just so proud of myself. I told Sonali the story and she feels the same way.

That night, I wrote Matt a letter and put it in a little box.
The letter reads;

Dear Matt,
If only you knew how much I loved you. Then maybe you'd see me in a new light.
One that is filled with love.

Psh, like that will ever happen.

I love you Matthew Riden.
I love the way you can always make me smile, no matter how crappy I feel.
I love the way you sing.
I love the way you care for everyone and anyone.
But mostly, I love the way your so loveable.

I love you.
Whether it's puppy love, or a really intense crush, or if it's true love, I don't know. But all I know is that I love you.

Forever and Always,
Chrissa Maxwell."


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chasing Charity

"Marisol, can I PLEASE get a new dress for the dance?" I pleaded.
"No, Chrissa." Marisol simply said.
"Chrissa, I'm sorry. You can't get a new dress. Why don't you have Sonali make one?" Marisol proposed.
"Because, Sonali has enough dresses to make. I don't want to give her another job." I explained.
"Oh, well you still can't get one." Marisol said, then took a sip of her hot chocolate.
"Why not?" I asked.
"Because, we don't have all that money. I mean, I had to pay for Abbey's plane ticket back to Massachusetts." Marisol said.


"WHAT DAY IS IT TODAY?!" I yelled.
"The fourteenth of December, why?" Marisol had a puzzled look on her face.
"ABBBBBBEYYYYYYYY!" I yelled then ran to the door, grabbed my coat, and bolted for the airport.

As soon as I got to Donaldson Airport, I checked the flight schedule.
"From Michigan to Massachusetts." I said out loud, searching for it.
"AHA!" I said as I found it.

"She's boarding." I muttered to myself then ran to the gate.

"Ticket?" The tall guard said, stopping me.
"Uh..." I trailed off.
"No ticket, no plane." He sighed.
"Where is this plane going to?" I asked.
"China." The guard said.
"Oh." I said as I turned around and bolted to another gate.
"Where is this plane going to?" I asked.
"Massachusetts, Honey. But I'm afraid the flight is cancelled." Another guard explained.
"Oh, thank you" I said, then went to the waiting area.

I sighed, then sat down. I looked around, no sign for Abbey.
"Oh no." I muttered.
"What's wrong?" A soft voice asked.
I turned my head to look at a girl wearing a zebra print dress.
"I'm looking for my sister. Well she isn't my sister, but she's like family." I explained.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I wish I could help, but I'm looking for a girl named, um." She stopped to look at a white piece of paper "Marisol Luna." She said.

"Wait! I have a sister named Marisol Luna." I said, looking at the paper.

Sure enough, it said
'Marisol Luna; First of the Randomly Retro Girls.'

"So your a Randomly Retro girl?" She asked.
"Yeah! I'm Chrissa Maxwell." I put my hand out.
"Charity Eastman, nice to meet you." She smiled then shook it.


"Charity! We've been waiting for you!" I smiled then hugged her.
"Really? Yay! Abbey has told me SO MUCH about you all!" She smiled.
"Speaking of Abbey, where is she?" I asked.
"Her flight took off at 3:00 in the morning. It's all they could get in." Charity explained.
"Oh. So is she going to be gone forever?" I asked.
"I don't know." Charity sighed.
"I didn't even get to say good-bye." I muttered.
"It's okay, Chris." Charity assured, giving me a side-hug.
"She'll call you all!" She finished.
"It won't be the same." I said, heartbroken.
"What about Prudence?" I sighed.
"Prudence? Prudence Farrow?" Charity asked.
"Yeah, Prudence Dakota Farrow. Abbey's best friend." I said, looking at Charity.
"Wow, I haven't heard from Prudy in a long time!" Charity sighed, looking off into space. Probably remembering the last time she talked to Prudence.
"Pardon me for asking, but where do you know Abbey from?" I asked.
"I'm her older cousin" Charity smiled.

Well, they DID look exactly alike, except Charity's fashion sense was a bit more... bold.

"That's awesome" I smiled.
"Thanks, Chrissa." She smiled.
"Well, we better get back home. I kind of ran out of the house." I explained.
"Oh, ha ha! Okay." She smiled then we grabbed all of her bags, then walked home.

I think I am beginning to like this Charity chick.


Monday, December 6, 2010


"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese, Chris?"
"Pretty please with kiwi's on top?"
"Not even my favorite food will make me."
"Please, Chrissa my love?" Matt begged.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

"What?" My eyes were probably the size of baseballs-no, basketballs.
"Isn't that your nickname? I like it." He smirked.
I nodded, still dazed from that little blurb of something special.

"Please can you just WATCH me audition?" He continued begging.

I shook my head.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeease." He gave me the puppy dog eyes.
"Fine." I sighed.
"YAY!" He acted like a seven-year-old and skipped around me in a circle.
"Shuttup, Riden." I snapped.
"Make me, Maxie." He kidded.

I played along by sticking my tongue out at him.
"Hey, come on, Chrissa! We better get there before they start!" Matt advised and pulled me all the way to two big doors.

"Go get 'em, tiger." I smiled while giving his shoulders a squeeze.
"Here we go." He sighed then opened the two huge doors.


"CHRISSA?!" Callie, Prudence, Molly, and Elizabeth all yelled in unison.
"Oh if it isn't the English wonder, oh and look! He's here with his Artist girlfriend." The school jerk, Tyler Owens sneered, walking around Matt and me.

"Shut up, Tyler. Matt probably has more talent in his pinkie toe than you do in your whole body." I snapped.

"Oh, she's a feisty little one." Tyler sneered and flipped his blond hair to the side.
"Maybe that's why you don't have a boyfriend, Chrissa. Or is it because your so ug-"


I looked at Matt with bewilderment, he punched Tyler out.
"OH MY GOODNESS!" A cheery voice squeaked, and a brown-haired, brown-eyed teacher named Mrs. Hodge ran to us.
"What is going on?" She asked.
"Well Mrs.-" I was cut off.
"Tyler was being a total JERK FACE to Chrissa." Matt shrugged.
"CHILDREN." Mrs. Hodge said in her meanest voice.

'Detention, Detention, we're gonna get DETENTION.' My mind seemed to sing.

"Welcome to chorus." Mrs. Hodge smiled.
Matt and I exchanged a look.
"HA! You two thought I was going to kick you out or something.
Nah, I won't. Just NEVER do it again, okay?" She looked from me, to him, then back to me.
We nodded.
"Alrighty! JESSICA!" Mrs. Hodge called out to a short brunette named Jessica.
"Yes Mrs. Hodge?" She asked.
"Can you take Tyler here down to the nurse?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"Yes-sir-ee!" Jessica smiled.

After Jessica was gone with Tyler, Mrs. Hodge got everyone settled down and turned to Matt and I.
"So what would you like to sing?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"WAIT!" Prudence's boyfriend, Nathan, asked.
"Yes, Nathan?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"You have to tell them to introduce themselves." Nathan said.
"Oh right! Of course!" Mrs. Hodge nodded for Matt to go first.
"Hi there, my name is Matt Riden. I'm originally from England."
Callie was about to faint.

'Back off, Callie. He's mine.' I muttered.

"I like to paint, sing, play guitar, and write." Matt grinned, thankfully, he didn't hear me.
"Musical likes?" A red head named Keith asked.
"Everything from The Beatles to Bruno Mars." He winked at me.

I smiled and felt my self immediately turn red.

"Awesome! It's nice to meet you Matt." Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"And you sweetie?" She turned to me.

"Oh no, I'm not auditioning for Chorus, I'm just here to give Matt some moral support." I smiled.

"COME ON, CHRISSA!" Elizabeth called out.
"Chrissa, Chrissa, Chrissa, Chrissa, Chrissa!" Everyone chanted,.

"FINE!" I smiled.
"My name is Chrissa Maxwell, I love to paint, draw, color, sing, play piano and dance around. Even though I'm no good at it." I laughed.
Prudence and Molly looked at each other knowingly and laughed along.
"Say it, Chrissa." Callie advised from her seat.
"And I am a HUGE fan of The Beatles." I beamed.

Everyone clapped.

"Okay! Now it's time to sing!" Mrs. Hodge clasped her hands together.
I nodded for Matt to go first.
He smiled and walked to center stage.

"WAIT!" He said then ran back to me.
"What?" I asked.
"Sing with me."

Before I could argue,
(oh who are we kidding, why would I argue?)
he pulled me up to center stage right next to him.

"Sing along." He whispered then cued Cindie, the chorus' musical director, to play a CD.

The intro to Bruno Mars' "Marry You" started playing and I was about to faint.

"It's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do.
Hey baby,
I think I wanna marry you." Matt sang perfectly, sounding almost EXACTLY like Bruno Mars.

He nodded for me to sing, which I did.

"Is it the look in your eyes,
Or is it this dancing juice?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you. " I sang then he grabbed my hands and spun me around.

"Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go,
No one will know,
Come on girl." He sang and shook his head like The Beatles did.

I laughed then sang;
"Who cares if we're trashed
got a pocket full of cash we can blow," I acted like I was rich.
"Shots of patron,
And it's on." I sang and he purposely danced awfully, which made me laugh while I sang.


As the song ended, Matt spun me around and we posed back-to-back.
I threw my arms up to add pizazz.

The Chorus kids erupted in cheers and applause.
Callie, Prudence, Molly, and Elizabeth chorused "GO CHRISSA AND MATT!"
Callie winked at me, I rolled my eyes but smiled.
A kid with big brown eyes and freckles named Jake and Callie's friend with Neon Green eyes and brown hair named Peter were clapping.
Keith, Nathan, and a kid with glasses and curly blond hair named Ryan were all whistling.
"Bravo! Brava!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Matt bowed, then grabbed my hand and nodded for me to bow, which I did.
"So, Chorus kiddies, do you think Matt and Chrissa should join our group?" Mrs. Hodge gleefully asked the chorus.
"YES YES YES!" They all yelled back in unison.
She smiled and turned to Matt and I
"Welcome to Chorus."

I jumped and hugged Matt, he caught me and spun me around.
The minute he put me down, was the minute that I realized what I had just done.

I sang a song with Matt and got into Chorus.

W O A H.

"But." Mrs. Hodge said as soon as the cheers died down.
"You will have to start tomorrow, because we are in the middle of an assignment and it wouldn't be fair to have you two have just ONE day to find a song, get it down, and perform it." Mrs. Hodge explained.

Matt and I nodded, I didn't care, as long as I was in Chorus, I was happy!

"So you know what this means?" Prudence asked.
"No, what?" Matt and I asked.
"Tomorrow is your Chorus Debut." Prudence beamed.
"Yeah, I guess it is." I smiled back.

I can't wait!