Saturday, April 9, 2011


"So let me get this straight, you two are here with someone you can't tell me about because of what?" I asked, I was so confused.

Sonny and Kenna were sitting on the couch in the living room and I was sitting on a chair.

"We can't tell you, okay? Gosh, she was right when she said you asked a lot of questions." Sonny muttered and Kenna elbowed her in the stomach.

I raised an eyebrow.

"So it's a she, is it?" I asked coyly.
"I never said it was or wasn't." Sonny crossed her arms.
"Actually, um. Son, you did." Kenna whispered.
"She doesn't know that!" Sonny whispered back sharply.

"Now I do. Tell me who it is." I got up and walked to them.

"Well it's M-" Kenna began.
"MORE OF A SURPRISE IF WE DON'T TELL YOU!" Sonny smiled awkwardly.

"Mikayla." I started.

They both looked at each other and sighed while nodding.

"Just, act surprised when she comes here tomorrow, okay?" Sonny asked.
"And don't tell her we were here." Kenna added.

"Okay, I won't. Hey, where are you guys staying?" I asked, curiously.

"Oh, at the Sunshine Inn across town." Kenna said.
"Ah." I nodded.
"Well, the storm's coming, so we better go." Sonny said, grabbing her coat.

"You didn't see anything and you don't know anything about this." Sonny moved her hands around and walked out.

"Wow." I whispered to myself.

"RIGHT?" Sonny opened the door, causing me to jump.

"Yeah, Sonny okay." I nodded.
"See you tomorrow!" Sonny and Kenna waved and left.

So tomorrow is the day I am going to be reunited with Mikayla.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sonny Days

[ANOTHER LATE POST? LIKE REALLY LATE? Chrissa, you're loosin' it.]

"Sonny, what are w-" Someone whispered.
"HUSH." Sonny, whoever they were, whispered back.

I was standing alone by my locker and was confused.

"When are we going to find her?" The same person whispered.
"I don't know, we just have to look." Sonny whispered back.
"But So-"
"KENNA! JUST LET ME HANDLE THIS!" Sonny whispered back.
"Gosh." Kenna muttered.

I ran and hid inside a garbage can. They emerged from another hallway.

Sonny was wearing an orange sweater that fell off one of her shoulders annd black skinny jeans with orange flip flops. She had black hair and crystal clear blue eyes.

Kenna was wearing a pink strapless dress with a black jacket over it and was wearing black boots. She had caramel hair and teal eyes.

"It's them." I whispered almost inaudibly to myself. Prudence and Rita had friends named Sonny and Kenna.

Here they are.

Then, being me, I sneezed.

"WHO'S THERE?" Sonny whisper-yelled.
"M-Me." I muttered, trying to get out of the trash can.
I wobbled out of it and it fell over.

"Ow." I muttered to myself. I got up and smoothed my hair and light green tunic.

I looked at them, and they were looking at me with bewilderment.

"H-Hi, I'm Chrissa." I shakily greeted.

"Kenna?" Sonny asked.
"Yeah?" Kenna asked back.
"Found her." Sonny stated.