Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Ready

-Continued From Last Post-

"Charity?" I looked at her incredulously.

Who was this Charity chick and WHY did Abbey think she could replace Abbey?

"Yeah. Her name is Charity Eastman." Abbey said looking at me.

"What does she look like?" I asked.
"Like me, except a bit less curly hair." Abbey smiled.
"Oh, have you told anyone?"
"Do you want me to?"
"Oh." I said, this conversation was growing increasingly awkward.
"So, your going on December 14th..." I sighed.
She nodded.
"I see." I tried to sound like I wasn't about to cry.
"Chris-" She started but it was too late.

I was already in my room sobbing.

Abbey can't leave me.
Not me.
Not Mel.
Not Prudence.
Not us.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Bittersweet Charity

I was sitting in my room, doing practically nothing when I heard Abbey, who's bedroom is right next to mine, whispering on the phone.

I must be strong.
Last time I got curious, I ended up spying on our neighbors and passing out.

"But mom!" I heard her whisper-yell.

This is getting GOOD. I thought to myself.

I couldn't take it much longer, I crept over to my wall and placed my ear on it to hear better.

"Hon, everyone back here in Massachusetts misses you! At least come home for the holidays and see if you'll want to move back here!" Her mother pleaded on speaker.

There was a pause, Abbey seemed to be deep in thought.

"......Fine, but what do I tell my sisters? and What do I tell Melanie? OH MY GOD, what do I tell Pru?" Abbey's voice sounded sorry for the rest of us.

"Pumpkin, if they really love you, they will let you come home with your family." Mrs. Holland re-assured.

"Well, yeah, but why did I get sent to American Girl in the first place?" Abbey questioned.

"Because, dear, your father and I were going through a phase where we fought ALL of the time, and we didn't want our 10-year-old daughter being in the middle of it." Her mom explained.

"Are things settled between you and daddy now?" Abbey wanted to know.

"Yes, and we would just love for you to come back home! I know you love being with Melanie and all her girls, but we are your family. You need us as much as we need you, and that is quite a lot."

"Fine, I will fly home on the day we get out of school for Holiday Break,
December 14th" Abbey planned.

"Okay Hun, your daddy and I will be waiting at the airport with someone very special." I could hear Abbey's mom smiling.

"LULU!" Abbey's pet bunny was named Lulu, and Melanie didn't want her to bring her along because Jess is allergic to bunnies, so I could tell Abbey was excited to see not only her family, but her bunny again.

"I love you, Abigail Lynne Holland" Mrs. Holland said.
"I love you too, mom" Abbey replied then they hung up.

I ran out of my room and knocked on Abbey's door.

"What?" Abbey called out.
"It's Chrissa, open up!" I replied.
She opened the door "Hey Chris, what's up?
"H-h-how do you know?" Abbey's top lip began to quiver as she questioned me.
"I kinda heard you and your mom's conversation." I confessed.
"CHRISSA!" She yelled.
"Hey, I was curious and apparently for a good reason." I took a step in her room and shut the door.
"Now spill." I said.

"Well, in March my mom called me and asked me if I wanted to go home, I said 'yes' because I was, at the time, mad at Melanie for getting Molly instead of Prudence. I have taken that back, but my mom simply will NOT let it go. Now I am kind of on-the-fence about this whole situation. Do you have any advice?" She asked.

I shook my head, but asked.
"What will Melanie do? She loves you!" I exclaimed.

"Well, family comes first." Abbey began
"WE ARE YOUR FAMILY!" I interjected, she was getting on my nerves.

"But Chrissa, I will visit!" She offered.

"It won't be the same! Who will take your place?" I demanded



Friday, November 19, 2010

You Can Say "Sabotage"

"MAT-RISSA: The cutest couple at AGPPA" Sonali predicted.
"What are you, like seven?" I asked, annoyed.
"Actually, I'm six" Sonali joked.
I rolled my eyes.
"What about Prudence and Nathan?" I asked.

Prudence, who just so happened to be in the room, immediately ran out of the room with Abbey following close behind.

"I wonder what's her problem." Sonali wondered.
"Same here."

There was an awkward silence.

The alarm buzzed.
"OH MY GOSH! WE HAVE TO GET TO SCHOOL!" I yelled as Sonali and I ran out into the morning sunlight.

At school, I took my normal seat next to Matt in Social Studies.
"Hey Matt!" I greeted.
"Hullo, Christine." He smiled.

'It's so cute that he thinks that's my real name' I thought.

"How have you been?" I asked.
"Good, actually, but I still miss me mates back in London." He said.
"Wow, I can listen to you talk all day" I thought.
"What?" He had a puzzled look on his face.
"DID I JUST SAY THAT OUT LOUD?!" I asked in terror.
"Yeah.. But thanks, I think your accent is adorable." He smiled.

Before I could reply, or more obviously, faint, Mr. Dobson walked in;
"Hello Class!" He greeted.
There were a scatter of "Hey!" or "What's up, Mr. D?!" or even "HI"'s

After class, Matt and I walked and he said;
"Then me mum just said 'oh no you didn't!'" We both laughed hysterically.
Then a monster came in between us.

"HEYYYY there, Matt!" She greeted.

She was Beth Landers, and she was perfect.

"Hi Beth." He smiled.
She then turned to me,
"Oh Chrissa! Hey! I didn't see ya there." she turned back to Matt.
"No 'cause you can never see anything out of those teeny eyes." I muttered and Matt seemed to chuckle.
"What?" She asked.
"Nothing." I muttered again.
"I thought so, well Matt, do you want to come on a walk with me around the school?" She asked, trying to flirt with him.
"Uhh, sure. I s'pose." He said.
"YAY! Bye Chrissa" She hissed as she walked away with him on her arm.

"Ugh." I groaned then said;
"She took him faster than you can say sabotage."
Abbey seemed to pop up in my head and yell

Well she did take him faster than you can say it
[and also to quote miss swift]

she underestimated just who she was stealing from.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"Love is all you need, Missa Chrissa." Callie advised, using one of my numerous nicknames. Word had gone out around my house that I was crushing on Matt.

"I'm twelve! I don't know what love is!" I exclaimed, Callie simply just shook her head.
"What?" I was confused.
"Denial, the first step in love" Callie explained and made a heart with her hands.
"Knock it off, Callie." I rolled my eyes and went to my room.
"YOU KNOW YOU LOVE HIM!" Callie's voice followed me.
I flopped down on my bed and grabbed my iPod.

I shuffled it;

"Can't buy me Looooooove"


"She loves you, yeah yeah yeah."


"Close your eyes, and I'll kiss you. Tommorow I'll miss you. Remember, I'll always be true and then while I'm away I'll write home everyday, and I'll send all my loving to you."

shuffle, I was getting really frustrated.

Then an all too firmiliar piano intro played;

"Martha my dear, you have always been my inspiration, please. be good to me."
The Beatles, [specifically Paul McCartney] sang. I smiled, it was my favorite song!

I plugged it into my iHome and danced around my room.

"Matthew my love, don't forget me. Matthew my dear!" I abruptly stopped the music.

"See, even your iPod knows you love him." Callie smirked at my doorway.

I need to get over him, or do something about my cru- er.... "love" for him.


Monday, November 15, 2010

New Faces

Maybe things could be getting better;


In history, (which is my first period) my teacher, Mr. Dobson, announced,
"Class, we have a new student."
Every one's eyes, including my own, immediately dashed to a tall-ish, brown hair that was kind of long boy with light brown eyes.

he. was. gorgeous.

Yes, I, Chrissa Marie-Martha Maxwell, the un-luckiest girl in love, had a crush.


I looked at Marisol, who knowingly looked at me back.
Was I being that obvious?

My attention flew back to Mr. Dobson and the cute new kid.
"This is Matthew Riden. He just moved here from England."

This kid was PERFECT.

"Anything you would like to tell the class, Mr. Riden?" Mr. Dobson question.
"Yeah, you can call me Matt." He had the most adorable British accent.

'SNAP OUT OF IT CHRISSA. The last thing you need is a boyfriend.' My brain demanded.
'Go for it' my heart seemed to whisper.

Before I could make up my mind on which piece of advice to follow, Matt was told to move to the only available seat, which to my advantage was right next to me.

"'lo" he greeted.
Marisol, who was sitting on the other side of me whispered
"Is that supposed to mean 'hello?'"
I shushed her and smiled at Matt "Hey, welcome to AGPPA." I greeted.
"Thanks, luv." He winked then turned to the front of the class, where Mr. Dobson was writing notes on the Great Depression.

Well, thankfully, MY Depression is over!

Yup, ladies and gentlemen, Chrissa has a crush.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Screaming and Skipping

I sat in Art class on Friday, sighed and started drawing a blond haired, blue eyed girl with a big head. "Hmm. I should make her yell at people." I muttered to myself and did so.

After I finished drawing, the inspiration for the drawing saw it. Her name is Tatiana Baldwin and I really wish I could hit her.

I. Hate. Her. That. Much.

She gaped at me and said "CHRISSA! Why did you have to use your suckish drawing skills to draw ME?"
I glared at her and said "Because you have the biggest head in the world, and if ANYONE in this conversation has "Suckish" drawing skills, it's you. I mean, HOW DID YOU EVEN GET IN THIS CLASS?!"
"My daddy." She told me like it was common knowledge, then pushed me off of my chair.

That sent me off the deep end.

"NO." I yelled and ran out of the class.
"Forget you." I muttered to myself and ran out of school.

Life is just, ughhh...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"NO." I yelled and ran out of the class.

I just.... UGH.
I can't even finish this post :/
I'll tell you guys what happened at another time.

*throws a pillow*


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chrissy to the Rescue

"Sonali, why are we at the zoo" I asked,

Sonali and I were walking around by the Llamas in the local zoo.

"Because, the zoo calms me down." She sighed.

"Sonali, sweetheart, the zoo is for field trips when your in kindergarten, NOT FOR MEDITATION." I retorted.

Sonali ignored me, she just started humming a random tune.

I rolled my eyes and searched for something to do.
"YES!" I exclaimed when I saw a radio.
I ran to it and went through the channels, searching for something that I knew.
My 7-year-old neighbor, Delilah, appeared at my side and looked at me funny
"Chrissy, what are you doing?" She asked.
"Trying to find something to do when my best friend is meditating with the monkeys."
"What does meditating mean?" Delilah's hazel eyes sparkled with wonder.
"She is trying to calm down." I explained.
"Oh..." She replied.
I turned off the radio, I couldn't find anything worth listening to.
Delilah was following me around, I couldn't stand it much longer so I turned to her and yelled "DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO THAN STALK ME?!" I immediately regretted it, but before I could apologize, Delilah ran towards the Polar Bear exhibit.
The zookeepers had just washed the surface, but little Delilah didn't see the sign for "Wet Floor" and she fell in the freezing cold water.

"DELILAH!" I screamed an ran towards her.
"HELP! CHRISSY! HELP ME! I CAN'T SWIM!" She yelled then sunk deeper.
I jumped in.
The water was freezing and the polar bears were getting closer to little Delilah.
"DEE!" I yelled.
"HELP!" She replied.
By then a crowd had gathered around us and was gasping.
I swam closer to her, terrified for the both of us.
"AAAAAAAAAAH!" Delilah screamed when one of the Polar Bears grabbed onto her headband.
I grabbed her arm and pulled her to shore, where Sonali met us both with towels.
We both were shaking.
"D-D-D-Delilah, I'm s-s-s-so sorry." I shivered out.
"Chrissy, you saved my l-l-life, even after y-y-you yelled at m-m-me." She replied.
"So are we o-k-k-kay?" I asked.
"Y-yes" She replied and we hugged.
The crowd cheered.
Sonali smiled.
Delilah's mom ran to us and pushed me out of the way and hugged Delilah, "PUMPKIN! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!" She exclaimed.
"Yes" Delilah replied.
Delilah's mom turned to me and gave me the death stare,
"Chrissa, I'm sure MARISOL won't be too happy to hear about you swimming with the Polar Bears." She growled.

I hated her with a passion. Not just because she was a total JERK to my sisters and I, but she abused little Delilah.

"Patricia Blake?" A police officer asked, walking up to us.
"GOD, WHAT?!" She yelled.
"Your under arrest for the abuse of Delilah Blake, you have the right to remain silent." He said, putting Ms. Blake's hands in handcuffs.
"Yeah like that will ever happen." Sonali whispered to me.
"WHO DID YOU TELL?!" Ms. Blake yelled at Delilah.
Delilah ran to Sonali and hid behind her.
Then, Ms. Blake turned to me,
"And YOU, little miss Chrissa Marie-Martha Maxwell. You will never amount to ANYTHING, you will just have your annoying little attitude and you obsession over those freaks, The Beatles." She hissed.
Delilah ran out from behind Sonali and kicked her mom in the shin.
"Chrissy will be WAY MORE successful than YOU. She will be a famous artist one day." She turned to me and smiled. Then continued. "AND ANOTHER THING, THE BEATLES ROCK. Your the freak." Delilah kicked her mom again.
The police officer dragged Ms. Blake away while she yelled a few, uhm, choice words at Sonali, Delilah and I.

"What happens to me?" Delilah asked.
"I don't kn-" I was cut of by a man who looked to be about 36 and had Delilah's eyes and smiled.

It was her dad!

"Delilah?" He asked.
"Yes?" Delilah replied.
"I'm your dad." He said.
"DADDY!" She yelled and hugged him.
"I missed you" She said, but was muffled by his coat.

I wiped my tears and Sonali sniffled.
They pulled back and Delilah's dad asked, "And who are these two lovely ladies?"
Sonali and I smiled.
"Oh this is Sonali Matthews, she's going to be a famous fashion designer when she grows up." Delilah said, smiling.
Sonali blushed and said "Nice to meet you."
Delilah's dad shook her hand.
"And THIS, is Chrissy Maxwell. I'm the only one who can call her that, her real name is Chrissa, and she saved my life today." Delilah introduced me and hugged me again.
"Thank-you so much for saving my daughter." He smiled.
"She's like my little sister. It was my duty." I smiled.
"Well thank you girls, Delilah's mom left me when Delilah was a baby. I have been looking for her forever and when the police told me to come to the zoo, I was on my way." He explained.
"Oh." Sonali and I said.
"Yeah, so Delilah, do you want to go home?" He asked, his eyes were sparkling.
"I have been waiting 7 years for you to say that." Delilah smiled and ran to the car with him. "BYE CHRISSY! BYE SONALI!" She called and waved with her dad.

"Chrissa, I'm proud of you." Sonali smiled and hugged me.
"Hey, It's Chrissy." I joked and we laughed then began walking home.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Names are A-Changin'.

"WHY DID YOU CHANGE HER NAME?!" Abbey demanded.
Melanie had changed Julie's name to Julia,
personally, I like it.
"I thought Julia fit her personality, it sounds more distinguished." Melanie replied.
"Dude, I can hear you." Julia said, she was writing 'Julia' on all of her books and paper.
"Julie, I mean, Julia, do you like your new name." Abbey asked, she had venom in her voice when she said 'Julia.'
"Yup. It's a fresh start, which is what I need." Julia sighed.
"Great. Now her name is changed, she's going to probably tell us she has a twin or something." Jess predicted.
Everyone laughed, Julia even cracked a smile, but not an amused smile more like a 'I-know-something-you-all-don't' smile.
"I do" She said quietly.
Everyone went dead silent.
"W-w-what?" Melanie asked.
"I have a twin, her name is Julie." Julia replied in a matter-of-factly tone.
"The one who goes to AGPPA?" I had to ask.
"Yup. We have a lot in common, we even have the same birthmark!" Julia said, showing everyone the birthmark on her elbow.
"Cool" Cindie smiled.
"Thanks, Cyn darlin'." Julia replied.
"Well since we are all talking about changes.. I think it's time Jess and I told you all" Marisol spoke up.
Everyone looked at her.
Marisol turned to Jess and Jess spoke;
"We no longer have our blog."
"WHAT?!" Callie and Molly blurted.
"We gave it to Prudence's friends, Sonny and Kenna." Jess and Marisol smiled.
"Oh.... I WANT TO READ IT!" Callie yelled, running to the laptop.
"CALLIE! CALM DOWN." Molly scolded.
"Fine." Callie did as she was told and opened a new window and opened 'Sonny and Kenna; The Blog.'
Prudence walked over and read it out loud (if you want to read the first post,

"I wonder if WE will be that family Sonny talked about, the one that found her family." Marisol wondered.
"I hope." Melanie smiled, then told us all to go to bed.