Monday, August 23, 2010

School Forms

Hey everyone! My school year starts up on the 3rd of September, which is why we JUST got our Student forms,

Full Name ; Chrissa Marie-Martha Maxwell
Birthday ; May 23 1954
Historical Year; 1965
Age; 11
Sibling(s); Marisol Luna, Callie Monroe, Jess McConnell, Julie Albright, Abigail Holland, Sonali Matthews, Molly McIntire, Cynthia Boswell, and Prudence Farrow
Grade; 7th
Special Talent(s); Art and playing Piano
How did you find out about AGPPA?; On the Internet

I don't know if I told you, but Melanie decided that Sonali and I were more cut out to be from the 1960's than 2009, so CHRISSA MAXWELL IS OFFICIALLY FROM '65 :)

- Chrissa

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hey Soul Sisters.

If your wondering about the title, Melanie REFUSES to let any of us dolls listen to that song by Train, even though I have it on my iPod (rebellious, aren't I?)

As for the real reason of this blog,

Today, after school registration, (ack.) I tried to comfort Julie.
All I got in return was "WHY DO I HAVE TO BE THE ONE TO SUFFER?" I couldn't take it anymore, I love Julie like a real sister, so I hate to see her like this, so I went to the one of the only people I know who can make Julie happy.

Yes, that's right, I went and talked to Melanie.

"Yeah, Chris?" she asked.
"Well, Julie has been acting like a semi truck ran over her heart lately" I replied.
"Oh yeah, I was wondering about that. Do you know what happened?" She asked, looking over in Julie's direction.
"No." I lied, which Melanie, like always, knew I did
"And now the truth?" She said.
"Okay, she was on the phone with Ivy a couple days back and she was told, by Ivy, that Ivy wasn't going to be joining our family." I told.
"Oh, really? That's too bad." She said with her mind somewhere else.
"What are you thinking about, Mel?" I questioned.
"Can you keep a secret" She lowered her voice to a whisper.
"I have changed my mind, I am not going to be asking for Ivy, she looks too much like Jess, I am actually asking for a Rebecca for my birthday" She told, I couldn't believe what I had heard.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yes! I even found the perfect Becca, she is in the American Girl Place in Chicago. Oh, speaking of that, Mom said we might go there the weekend of my birthday." She replied,
this was news to me. "Am I going?"
"Of course! Every one's going, we are getting our 12th, and most likely final, member of the 'Randomly Retro Girls'" She said.
"Oh." Was all I managed to say.
"I have to go, Chris." Melanie said, then left.


Oh.... no...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Get Back

"I CAN'T STAND YOU EITHER!" Julie screamed into her phone, then snapped it shut.
Sonali looked at me with a 'what's-up-with-Julie' look. I just shrugged, then walked over to her,
"Julie?" Sonali and I asked in unison
"What's wrong?" I questioned
"Nothing, nothing at all" she lied through her teeth.
"And now the truth?" I asked, I was becoming the therapist for my family, first Molly, now this.
"Okay, well.. That was Ivy, at the factory." She sighed
"What happened?"
"She thinks she's going to another family, that isn't us." Julie whispered.
"Why were you yelling?" I asked, still not getting the picture.
"She said she was glad she wasn't coming here."
Then I saw something I thought I'd never ever see in my life,
happy-go-lucky Julie Suzanne Albright was crying.
"Aw, Jules." I said, bringing her over to hug her.
"I wasn't ever a bad friend! I wasn't perfect, but I was nice." She sobbed into my shoulder.
"That means it wasn't you, it was her." I comforted her.
"I wish I could get back to the way things were before all of this!" She cried.
"I'm sorry, luv." I said, trying to comfort her.
"What about Molly?" I asked.
"She's getting EMILY." Julie spat out the name 'Emily'
"What if Emily isn't the right Emily?" I replied.
"Like that will ever happen." Julie snapped. This wasn't like her.
With that, Julie ran up the stairs and to her room, but not before saying,
She has gone into a serious funk.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Faces and New Feelings

Today, while I was getting my scrambled eggs for my breakfast, I was interrupted by;

I nearly knocked over Molly, who could have knocked over Cindie, which would leave us laying there like domino's. Marisol ran down the stairs, "What happened? Is Jess alright?" Callie obviously heard the scream too "What happened?! Are my Beatles albums okay?" Typical Callie. Jess was in the living room, while all of us were in the dining room. Sonali ran and yelled " WOW! YOU'RE HERE!" Callie and I were the next to run into the living room,and standing there, in the Safari Sundress,
was Prudence.
"WELCOME!" Callie yelled, running to hug Prudence, I stood there in shock. Marisol, Molly and Cindie ran over yelling things like "HI PRUDENCE!" or "WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY!" Abbey beamed, "Well, Pru, it's official.. Welcome home." Julie came up behind me, "What's wrong?" She asked. "Nothing!" I lied then went over to welcome Prudence. Sonali was next to her, saying "Welcome!" over and over again.

I realized what was wrong shortly after that.

I was jealous.