Thursday, June 24, 2010


Abbey and Prudence's Blog;
be sure to comment on their posts and follow them!

Gotta run, it's movie night!!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Quick Post!

I'll try to make this quick because I have to go study for finals
[yep, we dolls have finals]

(and you didn't hear this from me but,)
So, that means we are definatley getting her best friend!!
Oh and, Abbey WILL be getting a blog, but she called her best friend (who will join our family in July!!) her name is Prudence, and she and Abbey will be sharing the blog :)

we'll have to make it, and then I'll post the blog here and so will Mari on hers!!

<3 Chrissaa :]

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Updates, and LOTS OF 'EM!

hey everyone! Chrissa here, and do I have news for YOU!

1st) Sorry I haven't blogged much, but I've just had a TON of homework.

2nd) AGPPA IS AMAZING!!! The teachers are awesome, the classes are amazing, and the kids there are SO NICE!

3rd) Sonali and I are going to have a HUGE project ahead of us this summer! Details will come soon!

4th) Over the summer, Melanie and her family are going out west and one part of their trip includes going to the NEW AMERICAN GIRL PLACE IN DENVER, COLORADO! So she is going to get.. A NEW DOLL!!! WOO! We are so excited, but the only thing is, Melanie can only choose ONE doll. ONE. Uno Dollie (I know I fail at Spanish) and Mel doesn't know who to choose, I think she should take either me or my sister Abbey, because the doll were going to get is actually Abbey's Best Friend.

and speaking of Abbey

5th) Do you think Abbey should get a blog? Would you read her posts and follow her if she did get one? Abbey really wants to get a blog, but Melanie doesn't know if she should get one because Marisol and I both have blogs, but why not get a third?

Here is your question to comment about..
Should my sister Abbey (who's picture is at the top of the post) get a blog?

I hope she does!
<3 Chrissa!