Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mari, My.. Friend :)

Today, Melanie [my mom] thought it'd be a good idea for her two 'bloggers' to hang out together, well that and she said to "get to know eachother", and that's not exactly what we did.

I went into Marisol's room dreading the worst, she's the oldest doll in the house so she tends to be quite bossy.
When I went into her room she said "Oh, Hi Chrissa! I was just getting ready to go outside, you should come to!"
I was shell shocked. This was Marisol. This was the oldest girl in the house. This was THE Marisol, the girl everyone in my family says is "so mean" and "Stuck-up." But I wasn't going to jump to conclusions, so I just said "okay"
when we arrived outside she pulled out her camera, "Here, I'll act like Mel and you just pose!" she grinned. "Okay" I said, "is that all you EVER say" she asked. "No" I said,

Here is the first few photos of me, they turned out great!

This one is one of my favorties :)


Then she zoomed in on my eyes and exclaimed "You have amazing eyes"
I'd heard that before.

after that, I fell (wow I am a klutz) and she said, "stay there! Some pictures in the grass would be pretty!" and she was right! I think they turned out great :)

Then, it was HER turn to get infront of the camera, and as I thought they would, the pictures turned out stunning.

This one is my favorite :)

and she's in the grass in this one..

and this one Melanie thought was SO good, she put it in the intro for AGeatles, our new series

and this last one-it's too pretty for words!

and after, we posed for one together

after that whole taking pictures adventure, we went back inside to find the ground covered in foam letters and shapes so we decided to write things :)

there we are!

After a while she said "Done!" I looked over to what she wrote and to my suprise it said;

I just sat there, staring at it.. I, Chrissa Marie Maxwell, 'rocked?' and to have it said by my oldest sister, crazy "Thank you!" I said it nearly seventeen times.

then I showed her mine.

She tends to go by Mari-Shea rather than Marisol lately, and I'm fine with it. To tell you the truth, I think it suits her now that she's 12.
She smiled and said "Thanks Chris!"
Then she took a red foam star and stuck it right next to my left eye

It looked like this, "I love it!" I told her.

then I did the same to her, except with a white star.

"Thank you!" she said "Your welcome" I replyed. Sonali walked past us and she shot me a 'oh my god, you are actually TALKING to Mari!' look, with Sonali being the youngest, Mari-Shea is her IDOL. So I called her over and we gave her the "Star Treatment" this time with a blue star.

There is Sonali! The color blue looks lovely on her!

Then we all posed for a group picture!

I have found a friend in Marisol- I mean Mari-Shea :)
Who Knew?

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends ;)
~Chrissa :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Late Easter Post

Happy [Late] Easter everyone!

I Had a GREAT ONE! Callie woke me up (she is usually the last one up) saying "Chris! GET UP! IT'S EASTER!!!! GET UP GET UP GET UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
She was, for the lack of a better word, spazzing out about Easter.
I said "Okay, I'm up, stop freaking out."
she just looked at me for a few seconds, then she laughed "you thought I was freaking out! HAHA" except she didn't just say 'haha' she literally lol'd.
Then we went into the main part of our hotel room (we are on vacation which means, we are miles away from our home, my starburst, my Beatles Albums, and miles away from my Sonali)

Marisol and Jess met us there;
Jess was half asleep, she meant to say "happy easter you guys" but it came out sounding like "pappy's keaster is like rice"
Marisol was freaking out (you'll probably hear the whole story on her blog)
and SPEAKING OF MARISOL'S BLOG, She put on her last post that I was "depressed, and went into my part of the room crying" which I did, but that was because we were watching a really sad movie... I forgot what it was called, but that's the REAL story.

Anyways, back to this moring.
Melanie was sleeping along with her family, so we just started looking for our baskets.

Jess, even though she was asleep, found hers first.
It conatined, a 3 musketeers bar, a small Elvis bobblehead (she's the Elvis fan in the family, Melanie's grandmother is very proud of our little Jessie :])
and a BUNCH of grass. Which she has made into a "field of adventure" which is actually very fun to run in.

Callie was the next to find her basket and if you know Callie, you'd know that her basket was filled to the brim with
The easter bunny really outdid himself with her basket, her basket had Sgt. Pepper colored easter eggs, Album cover magnets, but the only thing not Beatles related was the CANDY, and Callie got a TON of it. from Nerds, to Smarties, to Hershey's Kisses, and a HUGE choclate bunny (which Callie has inclined to NOT eat but to keep as a pet, under the idea that "coco bunnies are friends. Not food")

Marisol found her basket almost immediately after Callie found hers, and she got a candy necklace, which Callie, Jess, and I were all really jealous of, she also got a doll-sized poster of Michael Jackson. Marisol took a BUNCH of pictures with Melanie's camera of her in the Easter Grass, which are going to probably end up either on her blog, or the MariCali729 website. I'm guesssing they'll be on her blog by 6 o'clock tonight.

and last, but not least, I found my basket about five minutes after Marisol found hers. The Easter Bunny was actually nice to me this year (even though it is my first Easter with Melanie and everyone) I got a BUNCH. OF. Grass.. I didn't get any candy at ALL, which actually helped me because I am a diabetic. so instead of Candy, I got those plastc easter eggs, they are really cute. After we all opened out Easter baskets, Callie and I played with our Easter eggs, we acted like they were the Beatles. She had Ringo and Paul, (a pink egg and a blue egg) and I had George and John (a Orange Egg and a Yellow Egg) it was really fun. I'll upload some pictures of Easter and My Eggs and our baskets later.

I am officially obsessed with Easter and Easter Eggs.



Saturday, April 3, 2010

Welcome to CHRISSA'S WORLD :)

Hi everyone!

welcome to my blog..

I'm kinda new to this whole "Blogging" Concept.

so I'll just tell you a bit about me to start this blogging off

~*~Info About Me~*~

Full Name: Chrissa Marie Martha Maxwell

Nickname(s): Chris, Chrissa My Dear (haha), and the worst.. Art Freak .. but that's only to some jerks at school

Best Friends: Sonali Rose Matthews and Gwendolyn Kennedie Thompson (Sonali is my sister and Gwen is my cousin)

Favorite Song: "Martha My Dear" By The Beatles (My favorite Band!)

Pet: Starburst, The cutest little llama EVER!

Personality: Very very very artsy :]

that's just a little bit about me
if you want to see what I look like there I am ^^ up there :)

see you soon!

blogging is actually turning out to be fun.

OH YEAH, My sister Marisol has a blog too

here is the link;


Happy Easter!