Monday, July 12, 2010

Broken Ankles and Broken Dreams

Chrissa's back and ready to take on the world!
Er... sorta,

today, Molly was skipping around in a more merrier mood than her usual one. Something was up, Marisol even noticed.
"What's with Miss Molly?" Marisol questioned,
"I have no idea I was wondering what." I replied.
Julie walked up to us "Is it just me or is Molly happier than Callie was the minute she was reunited with Cindie?"
"Yep," Marisol and I said in unison.
"I wonder what's going on." she said.

Then I walked up to ask my eldest (in actual years, not in order of arrival) sister what was up.

"Hey Molly?" I asked, in my most calm voice.
"Yes Chrissy-poo?" she answered in a voice that was as sweet as candy.
"What's.... um.... wrong?" I tried to make it sound as nice as possible.
"Nothing, every thing's fine-shine" she beamed.
No, something is up.
"Are you sure, you seem a bit peppier than usual" I sighed.
"Oh, well, you caught me. Sit down Chrissa." We had arrived at the kitchen table
"What's wrong?" I asked her, hoping nothing terrible.
"My.. My... M-My.." She stuttered.
"Out with it Molly!" Abbey screamed from halfway across the room, exposing her and Jess eavesdropping on my convo. "Out." We both replied.
"My.. My Record Label Dropped me." Molly said as a single tear streaked down her cheek.
I don't know if I ever told you guys, but Molly is a pretty big star in our part of the universe and she is an AMAZING singer. Back to the conversation.
"That's awful Molly! They OBVIOUSLY don't have good enough taste to realize that you are one of the most talented people ON that label!" I assured her.
"Well apparently Sunshine Records doesn't think so." She said, while letting more tears escape her eyes.
"Bu-" I started but was immediately cut off.
"Save it, Chris, anyways, I am off to go collect all my stuff from my office there." She said right before slinking off to the door.

After she left, I joined in on Marisol and Jess in the living room (or as it is being known as now, Marisol's second room after she broke her ankle) and the news was on. Marisol broke the silence
"So what was Molly being all fake cheery about earlier" she said while turning to me.
"Her..." I was trailing off just as Molly did earlier.
I tried once more "Her record label dropped her." I said flatly.
"Ohmygod." Jess said, nearly knocking over Marisol's Dr. Pepper.
"That's terrible! Why would they do that?" Marisol exclaimed.
"I don't know." I said.
"Does Callie know." Jess asked curiously.
"No! If she did the headline on the news would be 'Sunshine Records Owner Bob Richards was hospitalized today with a whole broken body, the reason? Molly!'s younger cousin heard the news and took matters into her own hands.'" I said.
"I can see that happening" Marisol said after being deep in thought for a second.
"So I take it we can't tell her," Jess said to me.
"No, Molly needs her own time to tell Callie" I said
and with that, I walked away.

"Have you ever had to keep a secret from someone for their own good? If so, did it end up good or bad?"

I can't wait to read your comments/answers!



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  3. I would tell them the secret,that is just me.:)